Mavericks Surf Competition is… Back?

To all the confusion, yes, Mavericks Surf Competition is back after a jarring lawsuit that took it down a peg.

The competition where 100’s of 1000’s of dollars can be won by riding the big swell, whilst executing elegantly. Starting with the inclusion of women surfers, this is the first year the contest could feature a one-hour “women’s heat.” There were plans for one in 2017, but no contest was ever held because the previous ownership group, Cartel Management, ran into financial problems.

San Francisco pro Bianca Valenti told us two years ago, “I wasn’t expecting this. But I think it’s awesome. I’m just excited to see the women’s side of the sport strengthen. It felt weird always asking for them to let us women in. So it feels great knowing they know want us to be apart of this rad big-wave community.” But at a field of 24 men and six women, we don’t see the biggest diversity gap.

Nic Lamb, a 28-year-old surfer who grew up in Santa Cruz was 2016′s big winner snatching himself a grand total of $120,000. He bested 23 elite competitors in his rank and didn’t wipe out a single time.

// As of currently, no set in stone date has come forth as officials are monitoring the weather but they are keeping contestants in the loop via Twitter.

Mavericks Surf Competition is… Back?
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