Drum Roll Please: Welcome Issue 5, Bob Cut’s Anniversary Issue, To The Stage

With the upmost honor, glee, and celebration we could ever imagine, our team is excited to annouce the newest cover and issue to our family.

When our editors set out to write, photograph, and produce a story—we aim to educate, inform, and distribute a serious amount of knowledge. This is including (but not limited to) the locals we’ve covered in past stories. Headlining the cover is the coveted Class of 2017—these were the locals we chose that fully represented a Bay Area we could all live in. Whether creating jobs, selling dream products, or even opening a brick-and-mortar in this rental climate—we wanted to honor this.

Issue 5 is incredibly important to us and incredibly needed in this Bay Area publishing climate. As publications old and new try to wow their audiences with dynamic covers, we wanted to bring it back to the basics. Every person featured on the cover have affected Bob Cut in a positive light that made us a better publishing brand. We strive for excellence but are grounded in our mistakes: everything is water off a duck’s back. To all featured on this anniversary cover, we are happy to honor you and all that you do. Because you do you, so well and we would never want that to change. 

Hello Issue 5, welcome to the family.

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Drum Roll Please: Welcome Issue 5, Bob Cut’s Anniversary Issue, To The Stage
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