Tofino Wines: A Wine Merchant & Bar That You Need To Know About This Second

The dimly-lit, hushedly quiet wine bars of yesterday have found some stiff competition in the Laurel Heights favorite, Tofino Wines.

Coming up on its third year of business this spring, Tofino continues to foster a community of wine lovers and socializers from across the city.

Owners of Tofino, Mark Nevin & April Sack, pulled from their travels while designing the wine bar. Nevin particularly cited France and Italy as inspiration for the aesthetic of their business. Both said they wanted a dynamic space that could inspire multiple experiences for their customers within one night. With 2,900 square feet of space, they definitely have that capability; bar-goers can chat at the bar for awhile then mingle with friends by the record player and curated collection of albums. The exposed tile floor and expansive seating area contradicts the typically tight quarters of metropolitan wine bars. Tofino encourages its guests to move around, explore their impressive selection of bottles available for purchase, and generally enjoy themselves in the unique, renovated space.

In efforts to continue expanding their reach and fortifying the community they’ve created, Tofino will soon embark on a new challenge. In March, founders will launch Tomorrow’s Wine, Tofino’s very own wine club. For information on membership, sign up for the mailing list on their website, or email

// 2696 Geary Blvd., Laurel Heights., Header photo by Grace Sager.

Interior of Tofino Wines on Geary.Interior of Tofino Wines on Geary.

Interior of Tofino Wines on Geary.

Tofino Wines: A Wine Merchant & Bar That You Need To Know About This Second
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