Trump is Not Their Safe Word: Designs from Pink Paragon Get (Comically) Political

A ball-gagged rainbow-haired President Trump fronts Pink Paragon Designs’ collection of accessories and apparel.

Created by former East Coasters Sarah Boan and Johnny Thorne, the collection features the slogan “Trump is Not My Safe Word.”  Despite the political facet of the design, the couple says their goal is to show that people can laugh and find joy together while putting aside opposing views.

“In no way do we set out to offend anyone with this image, it’s purely comical to us. Smiles bring lighter hearts, lighter hearts bring more love,” said Thorne.

The masterminds behind the designs, Boan and Thorne met at a concert in 2010, and soon after found themselves a couple in Baltimore, Maryland with their chemistry hard to deny. Thorne, a tall, self-proclaimed “Tender Warrior,” rocks a braided beard reaching toward his navel. Boan, with her green mermaid hair, teal-colored Paul Bond boots and colorful stoned rings vibrates with eclectic taste. The two artists attended this year’s Women’s March in San Francisco, and promoted their collection. Their positivity radiated as they addressed fellow marchers as “love,” whilst doling out laughs and hugs.  

With the imminent win of President Trump becoming clear at the end of 2016, the couple saw that the political mood of the nation was quite acerbic, causing frustration amongst their friends. Boan and Thorne wanted to harness the energy and express those emotions in a way that didn’t involve testing the waters of the Facebook comment battlefield.

“Our decided goal was to make satirical politically charged images, and that was when Johnny came up with the hilarious design idea,” said Boan.

Before Pink Paragon Designs was all about S&M Trump, it was about feeling the “Stardusty Bern.” This early design by the brand named, “Bernie Stardust,” featured U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders with a David Bowie style lightning bolt on his face. Unfortunately, Bernie Stardust is currently sold out. Still unpacking from their recent move to the region, the Pink Paragon team hopes to expand their satirical merchandise in the near future.

Paragon: meaning model of excellence, used to judge purity.

Pink: The best or prime condition.

// Pink Paragon hats, lapels and unisex clothing featuring the gagged president are sold through the company’s Etsy. Photo courtesy of Pink Paragon

Trump is Not Their Safe Word: Designs from Pink Paragon Get (Comically) Political
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