The Late & Great Bubbles Gets Her Own Dedicated Mural In The Tenderloin

For one of SF’s truest forms of self expression: the late Bubbles gets her own mural and the work is absolutely stunning.

Bubbles, loved by many in the Tenderloin nightlife scene, was brutally murdered in the middle of the night outside New Century nightclub at 816 Larkin St. Many of her friends and fellow nightlife provocateurs mourned the tragic loss on social media. 

Bubbles was known for being the life of the party, a catalyst for inspiring inner and outer creativity—and with her gone, the LGBTQ/nightlife scene lost a chunk of this unbounding world.

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Craig Lipton, a partner at Tender Wine Bar and local real estate investor and manager, commissioned the mural to honor the memory of queer artist and activist. Lipton’s various other companies would front the cost of the mural and maintain the upkeep. 

“I had met Bubbles several times and saw him around the neighborhood,” Lipton told Hoodline. “He knew a lot of my friends as well.”

The wine bar on Geary between Hyde and Larkin streets is only a few blocks from where Bubbles was murdered. The muralist, Danny Ayala, had responded to an ad online asking for an “interested and capable” artist of painting a tribute to Bubbles. Now that Lipton and Ayala are beginning this together, the two might continue to improve more mural culture at Lipton’s various properties.

R.I.P Bubbles.

// Currently, the police are still seeking the murderer in question and if you have any info, you should contact your local authorities immediately.

The Late & Great Bubbles Gets Her Own Dedicated Mural In The Tenderloin
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