‘When They Go Low, We Go High’: Celebrate President’s Day By Being Presedential in the Bay Area

Celebrate President’s day by being, well, presidential—even if 45 adamantly won’t.

For those of among us who are graced with healthy amounts of vacation days, President’s Day is welcomed by many as an excuse to enjoy a three day weekend. (But, for those of us in the editorial world, it just means the coffee shops we frequent to work in will be just that much more crowded.) And, while we can all agree that things these days may not elicit a day’s worth of presidential celebration, why not, as Michelle Obama famously says time and time again, go high? So, clear your plans of binging on yet-watched Netflix episodes and, instead, act like a true leader in your Bay Area community. Here’s a few ways how you can take that onramp to a higher highway.

Embrace community service

The Bay Area is a bastion for good deeds; God knows we need all of them. Even though it’s a bit last minute, many food banks and animal shelters support same-day volunteer outings that you can take advantage of at available times. // Click here for more details

Read up on past (not present) Presidential greats

The days of Obama, Lincoln, and Kennedy represented spans of endless intelligence and compassion sitting in the Oval Office. Take the day and read-up on all their many accomplishments at the SFPL, and how you, too, can be an exemplary member of society every single day. // Click here for more details

Write your members of congress

Things are a hot mess. We don’t need to say anything more; voice your opinions and concerns to congressmen and women who, say, are OK with sitting in a warm pile of mannur. // Click here for more details

Have tough, uncomfortable conversations

Ultimately, we all need to be our own Oprah in our lives and sit down with people who we don’t necessarily see eye to eye with. If we’re to, truly, embrace the idea of breaking down walls and building bridges, we have to start talking to one another without pretense; use today to call-up or sit down with that friend or family of member who voted for “the other nominee.” // Click her for more details.

// Art created by Anthony Rogers, photo sourced from Wikimedia Commons

‘When They Go Low, We Go High’: Celebrate President’s Day By Being Presedential in the Bay Area
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