Take Me to Margarita; It’s National Margarita Day

They say salt is the cure for everything, but we think it’s most effective on the rim of a margarita.

More specifically, on National Margarita Day. Uber specifically, in San Francisco. Luckily there are some delicioso margs packed into this city’s seven square miles, so let’s talk about the best margs to mark the occasion.

Photo via Eater SF, Photography by Aubrie PickPhoto via Eater SF, Photography by Aubrie Pick

Photo via Eater SF, Photography by Aubrie Pick

El Techo

An El Techo margarita is to San Francisco what puppies are to the universe, basically way fucking essential. The combination of street food and rooftop views is a hard one to beat, although sadly the line is not. You could get a margarita here, or you could love yourself for the fabulous person you are and get a Margarita del Techo. Better yet, you could get a pitcher of Margarita del Techos to share with your best friends and all will be right with the universe. // 2418 Mission St., Mission, $10

Photo via Haute LivingPhoto via Haute Living

Photo via Haute Living


If you’d prefer something closer to the Financial District, cross the street to Tropisueno. A standard margarita gets kicked up a notch here with Chile salt on the rim. You can also opt for watermelon or hibiscus. // 75 Yerba Buena Ln., SoMa, $7

Photo courtesy of Velvet CantinaPhoto courtesy of Velvet Cantina

Photo courtesy of Velvet Cantina

Velvet Cantina

The margaritas come nice and strong here, and most importantly, in pitchers. Wrangle a group of your favorite coworkers for an almost-Friday salud! Seasonal fresh fruit margaritas are also available and definitely worth the 50 cent splurge. Come here to party like it’s your birthday, even if it isn’t (it literally is an awesome birthday spot). // 3349 23rd St., Mission, $9


Latin American Club

The margaritas at the Latin American Club make us wish you could pre-book an Uber to pick your drunk ass up at midnight, like some kind of margarita-obsessed, Thursday night Cinderella. That said, it would be a shame to leave this margarita off the list. Take your friend who always brags about their alcohol tolerance, cause these margs have been described as “Khal Drogo strong.” Also, the most dangerous margaritas in the west. Live a little, and get yourself over there (but bring your cash because they don’t accept card, Bitcoin, or barter). // 3286 22nd St., Mission



Mosto is a mezcal and tequila bar by Tacolicious, noted for their margaritas. For an extra dollar you can get your margarita with mezcal. A lively, vibrant ambiance makes this place the perfect pick-me-up no matter what day of the week. // 741 Valencia St., Mission, $6



Tommy’s has a huge selection of tequila, and their margaritas are said to be top-notch. You won’t find any triple sec sweetener in the margarita recipe here, invented by owner Julio Bermejo. Each pitcher comes with 8 ounces of 100% Agave tequila with hand squeezed lime. They’ve been serving margaritas for 50 years, so if experience matters to you, this is one to try. // 5929 Geary St., Outer Richmond

Take Me to Margarita; It’s National Margarita Day
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