Off The Menu: Bluestem Brasserie Creates Desserts With A Side Of Pop Culture

With tensions growing in communities across the nation, some people are looking for ways to ease the societal upheaval. Bob Cut recently spoke to the couple who created Pink Paragon Designs as a response to the aggravated political climate.

Now, another Bay Area couple is creating their own satirical response to an increasingly divided nation—but this time it’s with desserts.  

Adam Jed and his wife Stacy own Bluestem Brasserie, an urban-neighborhood American eatery located in South San Francisco. The Jeds are huge pop culture fans, and no strangers to creating fun and wacky desserts. Teaming up with Bluestem’s Pastry Chef, Lori Baker, they’ve come up with a Simpsons-inspired dessert menu. Mr. Jed said that the 29 season animated sitcom has long been one of his favorite shows, as it uses humor to address some of society’s failings.

“‘The Simpsons’ uses a comical satirical approach to issues facing the United States, and I appreciate that. They bring comedy, they bring tong and cheek jokes, and we need it. It’s the tong-and cheek humor that both an adult and child can enjoy, and it applies to such a broad group of individuals,” said Mr. Jed.  

The desserts on the menu will represent some character favorites from the show, as well as classic scenes.  Mademoiselle Meringue, Professor Frink, and the famous Homer Simpson have all made their way into the new dessert line-up at Bluestem. The types of desserts are cleverly linked to the characters they represent. For instance, the “Hoyvin-Mayvin, SHHHHHH!” is an apple bread pudding with bourbon buttermilk caramel, cranberries and vanilla ice cream—something Professor Frink would likely cook up in one of his lab experiments. Another fun dessert is the “Yellow Beans & Peanut Butter Bacon,” a nod to an episode where Homer Simpson refers to bananas as yellow fatty beans. This particular dessert will feature peanut butter cake, roasted banana pastry cream, candied bacon, peanut butter mousse and salted caramel whipped cream.

“…Each of these characters [in ‘The Simpsons’] represents a [real] character in our lives, or a part of our lives. Desserts are a great way to have fun with those moments,” says Mr. Jed.

Bluestem takes popular desserts such as chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake, and turns them into something deliciously relevant—not so different than how The Simpsons take a sophisticated and comical approach to everyday life. The new desserts launched on February 28th, and will likely keep the items on menu for a couple of months before switching things up.

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Off The Menu: Bluestem Brasserie Creates Desserts With A Side Of Pop Culture
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