Yes You Can Build A Vibe: CRAVE Debuts Their Custom 1961 Vibrator Airstream

How much more California could we get? Answer: a WHOLE lot more.

But she’s done it, that is, Ti Chang has brought the ‘build-your-vibe’ mantra of her company on the road; she lovingly calls it, “The Crave Design Factory.” We spoke with Ti on this exciting new venture for her digitally-native company, “The team has spent the past few months creating a mobile design factory: part design studio, part showroom, and—the best part—a mini-factory where you can build your own vibrator.”

So how can you bring a vibrator company out onto the road? Simple: A custom 1961 Airstream. And oh so chic nod to California (where the company was born and bred.) The couple tons of metal has been reimagined as a portable factory and retail site with a unique Build-A-Vibe bar to offer hands-on insight into manufacturing and assembling hardware products as guests get to assemble their own programmable version of the Crave flagship product, the Duet vibrator. 

Ti Chang’s co-founded company, CRAVE, is known for so many homestead products (such as The Vesper,) it’s exciting to see other products being brought around the country. And to make matters even better, In Spring 2018, Ti Chang will hit the road and take Crave across the US. Launched previously at San Francisco’s World Nano Fair, the Crave Design Factory will stop to set up shop in several key cities starting with San Francisco, Portland, Las Vegas with hopeful more stops along the way. The goal of this tour is for Crave to be able to connect with more people, share the unique experience genuinely, and to spark more conversations centered around your pleasure.

Of course, not all ventures are incredibly fruitful in this capacity—but with Ti’s super insight for her community of entrepenuaers and close friends, the CRAVE gang turned to Indiegogo to get their airstreamer on the road. Stated on the company’s Indiegogo page, “Whether you can join us to build your own vibrator or you just want to cheer us along the way (and get some great perks!), you’ll be contributing to the larger mission: fighting the shame and stigma that has far too long been a part of discussions of sexuality.”

// You can support the Indiegogo page here and also check out their website to buy some goodies for the rest of the year;

Yes You Can Build A Vibe: CRAVE Debuts Their Custom 1961 Vibrator Airstream
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