Shop Talk: Foggy Notion Expands into a Larger Location on Clement Street

Times are changing and Foggy Notion in the Inner Richmond is ready to grow outside its older legs.

Alissa Anderson, the founder of Foggy Notion, told us that the space is bigger, badder, and will service her community more. “The new location is three times the size of her current shop,” she said, “and on the same block as the weekly Clement Street Farmers Market.”

And if you’re wondering as to where she will be moving, “I’ll be moving the shop to 124 Clement between 2nd & 3rd Avenues.” But after 6 plus years of many happy memories at her 6th ave location, she’s excited to move forward into her new spot. After almost 10 years of creating clothing and accessories for her line Mittenmaker, in 2011 the multi-faceted creator decided to open a space where she could make and sell her own work as well as other things she loves. The name of the store, Foggy Notion, refers to Alissa’s inspirations of music (Velvet Underground), design (sewing notions), and her favorite San Francisco weather phenomenon.

“Opening a shop was the natural progression of years of making and selling my own products,” says Anderson, “and wanting to help out other independent designers as well.” Foggy Notion showcases designers and artists from San Francisco and beyond who create handmade, organic, and environmentally-conscious products such as bags, wallets, jewelry, art, skincare, and home goods. 

All in all, three cheers to Foggy Notion and we can’t wait to see the new space. 

// 124 Clement St., Inner Richmond,; The new location will be open the first week of April with a Grand Opening Party on Saturday, April 21st.

Shop Talk: Foggy Notion Expands into a Larger Location on Clement Street
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