The Determined: Lori Baker

Lori Baker

Pastry Consultant, Bluestem Brasserie

“I’m thankful to have worked with so many talented women and hope we’ll continue to see more females work in our kitchens and restaurants.”


BC: Tell us a little about your journey to your current position.

LB: I’ve had the opportunity to work at some of San Francisco’s finest restaurants, teach at the CA Culinary Academy, and owned my own restaurant and bakery, Baker & Banker.  I met Adam Jed, Co-Owner of Bluestem, many years ago when we worked together at Postrio and Bix. I was excited when he reached out about the opportunity to create the dessert menu at Bluestem with him and his wife and Co-Owner, Stacy Jed.  At Bluestem, we offer a selection of classic American desserts that are seasonal, playful, and delicious!


BC: How do you think your restaurant delivers a different experience to guests, and how are you a part of that vision?  

LB: We put a lot of emphasis on fun, delicious, and decadent desserts. We recently launched a completely new dessert menu and the Simpsons inspire the names of the desserts. Think D’Oh Cookie Dough and Yellow Fatty Beans & Peanut Butter Bacon. Bluestem’s savory menu is balanced with a dessert menu of reinvented classics that play on American nostalgia and incorporates seasonal ingredients.


BC: Tell us about the first moment in your career when you felt truly proud?  

LB: The first time a guest smiled and said my dessert made him happy!


BC: Your three go-to wines?  

LB: Lambrusco, sparkling rose, and rose!


BC: Where do you go for inspiration? Similarly, who do you go to for inspiration?

LB: My husband, Jeff Banker. He always has amazing ideas for new desserts!


BC: Do you think there is something that women uniquely bring to this industry? How would you describe that?

LB: I think we bring a nice balance to the work place overall, as well as to the menu.

The Determined: Lori Baker
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