Comedic Timing—Uber Drivers in SF Who Don’t Commit Crimes But Cause Insatiable Humor

We all make mistakes but some are funnier than others.

This little mess (found on Hoodline) was an Uber story that got more of a comedic laugh than a citation but still sub-came to somewhat malicious commenters. On the corner of Church and Market near the Safeway stairs, an Uber driver who said, “to be following directions from their map,” took the wrong turn when leaving the parking lot. He was on his way to pick up another passenger when he drove his car straight off the stairwell.

Luckily, no one was in the car and no one was hurt but it reminds us about how human people are especially in this capacity of Uber and Lyft. We all use it, that’s undeniable—it’s more useful than a cab or a bus could ever be. 

Photo via HoodlinePhoto via Hoodline

Photo via Hoodline

Even when so much of the news is centered around self-driving cars, Uber harassment and sexual molestation charges, or even the occasional pains of lost and found—we need to take a moment to have a laugh at the more light-hearted moments. People are human, shocker, and we all can take a breath and just chuckle at these types of incidents.  

Of course, people believe some sort of punishment should have been applied, “How do you “make a wrong turn” up a curb and all the way down a stairway?” David Troupp, a Hoodline commenter exclaimed, “Why wouldn’t he be cited? I suppose the fact that it occurred on private property might make it murky to cite him, but anyone that clueless should not have a driver’s license, let alone be carrying passengers for hire. There are frequently people sitting on those stairs and he could easily have killed someone. He wouldn’t have been able to see them.” But commenters came to the aid of the elderly driver, “[the] Driver looks 75 at least. Can’t be easy to find a job at that age, but driving is still probably not the best idea. Is there an upper age limit for taxi drivers?”

One commenter even noted, “Since no one got hurt, I have to say this is just delicious.”

// What a time to be alive, am I right? What do you think? Email us your thoughts! Photo by Hoodline, art by Tin Dinh.

Comedic Timing—Uber Drivers in SF Who Don’t Commit Crimes But Cause Insatiable Humor
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