BC3: Three Brunches To Eat, Devour, And Snap This Week

It’s a sign of the times, my friends. This is a city of hardcore brunchers, and if you’re not about that life, then you best steer clear of any San Francisco restaurant establishment between the weekend hours of 10am and 2pm.

If you do shamelessly get down with this fine hybrid of a meal that only makes appearances on Saturday and Sunday, we’ve chosen our three favorite spots and listed them below. Show some love for them—essentially what they do is provide you with your favorite meal at a time of day more suitable for the lazy, the leisurely, and the hungover.

Photo courtesy of BlackwoodPhoto courtesy of Blackwood

Photo courtesy of Blackwood


The hype is true. This Marina eatery brings the crowds to Chestnut street (because it’s so dead over there otherwise, right?) with its Millionaire’s Bacon, sweet and savory popovers, and breakfast tacos worth dodging a smattering of strollers and joggers to get your hands on. // 2150 Chestnut St, Marina; blackwoodsf.com

Photo via MuncheryPhoto via Munchery

Photo via Munchery

Presidio Social Club

If you’re brunching, we’re willing to bet money it’s for one of two reasons: 1.) You’re family is in town and you’re showing them the luxe, lovable SF scene. 2.) You and your friends are nursing hangovers of the lethal variety and the only meal to revive you is actually not one ordinary meal, but rather a super-meal that defies normal time windows and general social conventions. In either case , we recommend dining at the Presidio Social Club. Great food, the best views, and a sense of place to boot. (The PSC is located in the old military barracks from way back in the early 1900s. Brunch with a history lesson—you’re so cultured we can’t stand it.) // 563 Ruger St, Presidio; presidiosocialclub.com

Photo courtesy of Finn TownPhoto courtesy of Finn Town

Photo courtesy of Finn Town

Finn Town

Hit up the Castro for a classic brunch worthy of your sweetest pancake dreams. This “tavern with a twist” stuns with its dark wood and leather, while still providing a cozy, cool spot to dive into your meal. Brunch is served until 3pm on Saturday and Sunday, meaning you could wake up past noon and still not miss the most important meal of the (weekend) day. Sign us the eff up, are we right or are we right? // 2251 Market St, between Noe & Sanchez, Castro; finntownsf.com

BC3: Three Brunches To Eat, Devour, And Snap This Week
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