New Art Installation Comes To Hayes Valley and It’s Big

Being erected at this very moment, Patricia’s Green is getting new art for the center of Hayes Valley.

This fractal sculpture is a 50-foot-tall steel and light installation that was originally commissioned for and by Coachella / 2SQUARED. According to artist Charles Gadeken, the cubic form and fractal arrangement of 3D light pixels are supposed to represent the “evolution of organic matter and its amalgamation with digital technology.” In all, the piece includes 786 white plastic cubes arrayed in fractal clusters.

The official launch party will happen May 5th and the art will stay in Hayes Valley until May 2019 and was sponsored by the San Francisco Arts Commission. The artist goes on to say, “we will have the interactivity for special neighborhood events and random times when I swing by the tree with friends,” Gadeken said, adding that he’ll post a calendar of special dates on his Instagram account.

// Fell St & Octavia Blvd, Hayes Valley




New Art Installation Comes To Hayes Valley and It’s Big
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