Move Over Bob’s Donuts, There is a New Foodie Challenge In The Bay

A burger, shake, and fries challenge that now waits for challengers in San Mateo, Karaage Burger welcomes all who enter.

Just opened this year, Karaage Burger is already drawing in the fans who lust for a delish burgers and conquerable challenges. We mean, how could they not—when you’re serving Japanese flavor and American flair, our tastebuds cannot contain the excitement. 

“While chicken and batter coexist in perfect harmony, we’ve adopted beef and pork into our concept to further expand your experience,” says their official website, “with our mouth-watering bold flavors accompanied by our specially crafted “KB sauce”, eating our burgers is simply a no-brainer.”

So you must be wondering, “what is this challenge you speak of?” Feast your eyes below…

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Here’s what you need to do, when you arrive, alert the cashier that you’re going to attempt to do the Mega Eating Challenge. This spread encompasses a ‘Megazilla’, fries, Karaage bites, and a shake—all the which have been super-sized appropriately for this industrial sized eating challenge. The challenger has 20 minutes to finish every single bite and drop of food on their plate. The staff will, of course, make you sign a safety waiver so that you understand the amount of food you’re about to ingest. 

If you win (which good on you if you do), the winner will be awarded a secret menu to dine from going on—plus any other prizes Karaage Burger adds down the line. But if say you can’t finish everything or you vomit / use the bathroom, you’re automatically disqualified. 

Win or lose, your photo in polaroid form will be plastered on their winners and losers wall—so the ultimate pride or the most ultimate defeat. The choice is yours. Pro tip: additional beverages (that you bring or order) are allowed to help swallow down the food.

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The burger joint also adds that, “independent studies have shown, our burgers are the leading cause of pure joy.” Whether you’re nesting a food baby or vomiting your heart out, you will most likely want to come back time and time again. Maybe.

// 670 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, Tuesday—Sunday, 11:30 a.m. — 8 p.m.;

Move Over Bob’s Donuts, There is a New Foodie Challenge In The Bay
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