Amazon Set To Open A Cash(ier)less Store in San Francisco

SF is adopting (potentially) the magic of the Amazon Go Store.

And for our Seattleites who laugh at our slowness, we’re finally getting ours. The Amazon Go Store in theory is a shop made specifically for Amazon members who have the app linked to their credit card. No lines, no cashiers, and no waits—you walk in with a hand cart, load it up, check it out, and beep your phone like a turnstile.

And if you’re wondering how this all works relatively—once inside, every movement and every step is tracked and absorbed by the Amazon eye. Human bodies are allowed to move around and take whatever they fancy from store shelves—e.g., ready-to-eat meals, wine, salads, candy—and walk out. Cameras and other advanced technology keep track of the items and charge the humans specimens after they leave. 

Many job advocate groups argue that, if successful and copied worldwide, Amazon Go will help put cashiers out of a job. Though no word from Amazon whether that SF will open but a little research onto their job board shows that they are hiring managers in both San Francisco and in Chicago. The two new stores will open later this year; no word yet on an exact date.

// Are you excited for an Amazon Go Store or is SF not ready for something like this? Tweet us your thoughts. Photo via NY Times.

Amazon Set To Open A Cash(ier)less Store in San Francisco
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