June Playlist: Feel Your Best Pride Month

Feel the love, it’s SF Pride season.

It’s one of our favorite months. So much love, pride, and strength from one person to another—it’s so magical to see in a city that puts LGBT people and allies front and center. So how do you get ready for Pride? Are you attending events, galas, or straight up parties? Do you have any rituals with you and your squad? We want to know.

Well if you can do anything useful for your Pride season, we made a playlist that will keep your spirits and high up through the entire month of June. You can, always, find the playlist on the front page of the website as well! 

Of course, you don’t need to hear it from us but as always, have fun and be safe. Always a general reminder but we’re looking out for you.

// Cover art by Tin Dinh.

June Playlist: Feel Your Best Pride Month
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