Off The Menu: Wining And Dining Done Gorgeously in Napa This Summer

In case our content as of late hasn’t made the point abundantly clear, it’s feasting season, people.

Summer is the season of backyard barbeques, breakfasts al fresco, appetizers and happy hours that go far too long. Oh, and wine. Lots of it. And who could argue that there is any place better to do so than the Napa Valley?

Kendall Jackson Winery will continue its Farm-to-Table Dinner Series, an open-air feast which made its 2018 debut back in May. This month’s event, which mainlines Salmon, Costarella Seafoods and Marin French Cheese, takes place this Saturday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Offering the best of wine country in the summer, the Kendall Jackson Estate welcomes guests and encourages them to dive head first into the expansive gardens and natural abundance of the location. Present at each dinner are the estate’s wine experts, culinary staff, and master gardener-Farmer Tucker Taylor. In accordance with that most-loved culinary movement of farm-to-table, each dinner highlights a specific ingredient, focusing on a fresh, innovative, and naturally delicious spread sure to pair incredibly well with a glass of fine wine.

Summer plants sorted then, yes?

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Off The Menu: Wining And Dining Done Gorgeously in Napa This Summer
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