Summer Makers Have Arrived—Our Finds And Must-Haves From This Years West Coast Craft

When our team looks to feature new, up-and-coming creatives in the Bay Area context, we always do our research and scouting at West Coast Craft Fair.

Held every Summer and Winter, the pool of talent changes with the season. For us, we love to see what trends emerge and who is doing the coolest and chicest thing. This past weekend, our team scoured the floor of incredible makers and we rounded our top 8 you need to keep your eye out for this year. Everything from pottery to textiles, always support your local maker.


Cest Bon Clay & Cloth

C’EST BON, CLAY & CLOTH is the work of Cassie Brown, an artist who has created textiles, oversized crocheted toys, and decorative objects for designers like Jonathan Adler and DwellStudio in NYC. Now based in the Bay Area, her personal practice includes print, pattern, fiber, and ceramic work. We gravitated to her work because her sense of rustic orange is something we don’t see done well—for Cassie, she knocks it out of the park with her mugs of all sizes. //



From the mind of designer and founder, Shayla Dopp, DOPP is a Berkeley-born shoe brand that infuses color, classic silhouette, and quality material all under one roof. Coming in a rich range of shades and styles, DOPP’s booth this year was jam packed with girl fiddling their way into her soles. And in recent news, DOPP will be opening brick-and-mortar in Berkeley in mid-July. More deets will be covered on soon. //


Tend Goods

Tess Rubinstein, the designer and founder, finds the beautiful in the day-to-day. Everything from easy-to-wear bags, simple scarves, or even just textiled hand towels—Rubinstein creates pieces for the modern wearer. Her practice is centered around living a good ole’ humble existence, using print, digital media and surface design to create approachable and sometimes functional art. She received her BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2017, and is currently residing in Portland, Oregon as a morning person. //


Eleonor Bostrom

A featured artist in Bob Cut issue 4, Eleonor is exactly what you’d expect in person. Quirky, charming, and overall just consistent bright energy. Her work is focused around her dog creatures that also act as items that can be used in everyday. Cups, match holders, key holders, door stops, vases, and so much more. Bostrom has now started to sell small scale prints of her dog creatures, majority of them are ink on paper but a little added piece to your home doesn’t hurt anything. //


Brave Matters

When it comes to designers Christina Zamora & Cathy Lo, they believe good design expresses the zeitgeist and heeds the past. Taking a head-first approach to materials, process and storytelling, they use their hands and hearts to share the vision of what Brave Matters is. With Bauhaus attitudes toward materials, technology and human perception, Zamora and Lo harness industrial disciplines and craft expertise to produce work that blurs boundaries between studio practice and mass production. Plus with backgrounds in art and design respectively from UC Berkeley and California College of Arts and Crafts, the two have taken their art to the collabrotive level. //


Meghan Shimek

Based in Oakland, California, fiber artist Meghan Shimek creates large scale woven wall hangings and sculptures. Her engaging work is ethereal, whimsical and delicate, but rooted in the warm, earthy materials she uses. Exploring organic movement, Shimek’s weaving style allows the fibers to fall into an indeterminate pattern that reveals the beauty and vulnerability of her materials. //


Freund Things

Designer Kathryn Jaller makes accessories that encourage an interaction to happen. With an admiring stranger, or maybe with the mirror. But statement jewelry is called such for a reason—it’s a way to say something without saying a word. Freund is Jaller’s mother’s maiden name and it literally means “friend” in German. Jaller’s grandfather had a tool factory in the western region of Germany known for its metalwork, and this warm, fuzzy name was emblazoned on some serious industrial devices. But as told to us, they were high-quality, stood the test of time, which Jaller hopes for her pieces. //


Salihah Moore

Designer Salihah Moore is an artist and designer of hand beaded jewelry and wall hangings. Gathering inspiration from textiles and contemporary design, Salihah works to make the ancient craft of weaving seed beads together. Although she’ll have moments of vision in color palette or pattern, most of her creations are not premeditated. Originally from North Bay and Philadelphia, she’s currently living outside Boulder, Colorado with her husband and two daughters. Once a Bay Area gal, always and forever. //

// All photography shot on an iPhone by Anthony Rogers.

Summer Makers Have Arrived—Our Finds And Must-Haves From This Years West Coast Craft
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