Off The Menu: The East Bay’s New Hometown Hub, Salt Craft

Main Street, Pleasanton is loved for many reasons, but one stands above the rest: it never changes. Replace the paved road with a dirt one and it’s not hard to imagine the street back in its western, rodeo days.

While quaint is loveable, a growing city needs innovation to keep the people happy. Enter chef Matt Greco, a Texas native with years of experience in the Manhattan restaurant world. His goal? To make good, honest food accessible to the East Bay, allowing classic dishes to be made truly well and live alongside quirky and unique creations on an altogether enticing menu. He calls it, “looking for satisfaction in the everyday meal.”

How does Salt Craft aim to do this? For one, they make everything in-house. The bread, the pasta—you name it. Ingredients are sourced from local farms and growers. Even the OJ in their mimosas is fresh squeezed.

This city chef knows his audience more than you might expect. Prior to embarking on project Salt Craft, he worked as head chef at Wente for four years. Few East Bay wine and dining establishments are better loved and respected than Wente; needless to say the name goes far around these parts. After working in a variety of different restaurants and driving kitchens of varying energies, he decided he had a bigger vision. He needed to do this for himself.

It’s still a working progress, what with Salt Craft navigating the waters of how to best serve a demographic that has been used to the same handful of restaurants for years—decades, even. We think, however, that they have plenty working in their favor. For one, this is some prime real estate. A historic plot of land perched on the corner of St. Mary Street, just off Main Street, Salt Craft is an al fresco destination with the trappings of a little bungalow. It’s genuine—that’s for sure. And we surely enjoyed whiling away a few hours over glasses of good wine, appetizers, and entree dishes so good we simply had to share.

// 377 St. Mary St, Pleasanton, Photography courtesy of Salt Craft.


Off The Menu: The East Bay’s New Hometown Hub, Salt Craft
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