MAAD: All That You See—Issue 6 Debuts on Bob Cut

And we want to thank you!

The readers who continually support us and small, local publications alike! For Issue 6, we focused on making sure the stories that made the Bay Area a better place to live were told wholeheartedly. So without further ado, a note from our editor and founder about issue 6.

Anthony Rogers, Editor in Chief

Being a 38 Rapid rider frequently, I’ve experienced more of the human spirit than one usually does in their daily life. The rawest emotions come out when a stop is missed, when a city-wide event occurs, when the carriage is elbow-to-elbow with people young and old, tall and short. It’s amazing to witness. When I look around, I see people with history, a story to be told, a vision to be met—but most are concerned with missing their bus. When you take a bus line that stretches the main vein of the city, you also witness a dynamic between the a uent and those in need. For some, a twelve-minute bus wait is an annoyance. To others, it’s a quick shelter out from the cold. Geary Boulevard doesn’t discriminate, rich or poor.

When our editors sat down to compile the stories to tell in our 6th issue, we focused on actually telling the stories. Doesn’t that seem simple? Unfortunately, it is not entirely so. In our various meetings, we often discuss the idea that “content is king.” These are stories that may not drive clicks, tra c, or overwhelming click-bait engagement in the digital world at large, but they are stories that need to be told. Why? Because they have credible points—without the sound of a doubt — to further narratives that truly encapsulate the spirit of being, belonging, and living in the San Francisco Bay Area. What does it mean to live in the Bay Area in 2018? Are you moving into town for your rst or fth tech job? Are you a Bay Area native wanting to move closer to the action? Whatever the case may be, the resounding statement is that the Bay Area — San Francisco itself — is getting harder and harder to live in. How can we better our space?

When I look around on a crowded 38 Rapid at 6:30pm, it has always been the people. Making sure that their stories are being told in an authentic and unapologetic way. Yes, you may be moving here for all the right or wrong reasons, but they are your reasons nonetheless. In issue 6 of Bob Cut Mag, we hope to push your narratives. Everything from intersectional feminism to diversity in a small commercial art community, making dialogue about topics that impact your life is what Bob Cut aims to achieve.

Welcome to Issue 6, we want to continually push you, our neighbors, and our city into a brighter, more narrative-based future. Hats off to you, really.


MAAD: All That You See—Issue 6 Debuts on Bob Cut
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