The Showroom Is Coming To American Craft Council This August And We’re Bringing Our Friends

You’ve heard it here folks, we’re bringing our Showroom to American Craft Council San Francisco next weekend.

And with the help of our friends, we’re excited to show you some of the coolest talent in the Bay Area. We’ll be at the Fort Mason center towards the front of the hall selling issue 6, the makers wares, and lounging hella’ by our friends over at Room & Board. Get to know who’s going to be there below:

Future Glory Co.

One of the most kind people you will meet, Theresa Lee and her brand Future Glory Co. focus on socially conscious goods. Creating handcrafted leather bags and accessories—their apprenticeship program to mega charity efforts, help create bags to create opportunity—for the brand and for everyone. In the past, Theresa and her team have worked with various non-profits to put spotlight on a myriad of issues in the Bay Area and beyond. //

Photo via Rogue HabitsPhoto via Rogue Habits

Photo via Rogue Habits

Rogue Habits

One of our favorite travelers who also curates an amazing selection of home and fashion wares, Rogue Habits is a space to document the curious and creative. It’s an investigative journey into the seeking mind and wandering soul. More than a place, it’s best described as a feeling and the constant drive to get back to that impassioned sphere. That blip of inspiration is what Rogue Habits strives to be—the gateway to a place of pure illumination and endless possibility. //

Photo via Yina KimPhoto via Yina Kim

Photo via Yina Kim

Yina Kim

The multi-disciplined artist we’re excited to feature is SF’s legendary, Yina Kim. Apart of the husband wife duo, ODSY Workshop. It all began with their name, ODSY (read as odd-cee) which comes from the word Odyssey, meaning a long journey full of adventures. The two believe in simple, timeless designs that can be part of someone’s everyday journey. From leather carefully sourced from USA, every product is made precisely by hand and crafted with love. Soojin and Yina strive to make highest quality handmade goods. Yina will be showing off a mixture of ceramic and handmade goods at the show. //

Photo via Nola Mae CeramicsPhoto via Nola Mae Ceramics

Photo via Nola Mae Ceramics

Nola Mae Ceramics

Established in San Francisco by artist and educator Kelly Beiermann, Nola Mae Ceramics seeks to create small batch goods that are unique and of high quality. Ceramics originally became part of Kellys art practice back in 2007 when she first discovered the potters wheel. She draws inspiration from the natural beauty of The Bay Area as well as landscapes from her upbringing in The Midwest. The result? Stunning pieces that will add a unique aesthetic to your every day life. //

// Feature photo courtesy of Future Glory Co. Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, Festival Pavilion, August 3: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. August 4: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. August 5: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.;

The Showroom Is Coming To American Craft Council This August And We’re Bringing Our Friends
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