It’s Outside Lands Weekend But There Is More Stuff Happening Too

Don’t be tardy to the party, cause it’s Outside Lands weekend!

Outside Lands is San Francisco’s own Coachella, with way better foods and a lack of lukewarm overpriced water bottles being sold to escape the desert heat. Instead, Karl the Fog usually crashes the party, so bring a hoodie and enjoy the show. Elsewhere in the Bay Area this weekend, you can kayak it up or say “aloha” without leaving the mainland.

 Eyeball balloons!  Eyeball balloons!

I went to Outside Lands and didn’t annoy my Facebook friends

When: All weekend

Where: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Why: Once upon a time in Golden Gate Park there was a magical field where San Franciscans flocked to eat gourmet tater tots while listening to Florence and the Machine. That once upon a time is this weekend, and that magical place is Outside Lands. Be there—the Weeknd and Janet Jackson will be.

2018-Arizona-Aloha-Festival copy.jpg2018-Arizona-Aloha-Festival copy.jpg

Mahalo, guy who invented spam

When: All weekend, 10 A.M. – 5 P.M.

Where: San Mateo County Event Center, San Mateo

Why: Nosh on authentic Pacific Islander food and enjoy ukelele and hula workshops without the hefty ticket price of an actual trip to Hawaii. This event, the Bay Area Aloha Festival, is completely free to attend, although a spot in the venue’s parking lot will run you $15. There will also be plenty of live music. // More info here.


Do you know the way to Half Moon Bay?

When: Saturday, 11 A.M. – 2 P.M.

Where: Half Moon Bay Kayak Co.

Why: If you’ve been living in the Bay Area for awhile now and haven’t checked out Half Moon Bay, this is a great excuse to brave the Highway 92 traffic and haul ass to the coast. Half Moon Bay Kayak Co. is giving free harbor tours on Saturday. It’s guaranteed to be a few degrees chillier than the rest of the Bay, so don’t skip the sweater. Sea otters are known to pop up in Pillar Point, and you can treat yourself to a lobster roll at Sam’s Chowder House up the road afterwards. // 2 Johnson Pier, Half Moon Bay.

It’s Outside Lands Weekend But There Is More Stuff Happening Too
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