Science-Based Skincare That Starts In The Garden—Botnia Skincare On Natural Beauty

Whichever angle one chooses to look upon Botnia skin care line, it’s remarkable.

From a local perspective, it’s unbeatable. With ingredients grown just over the bridge on a beyond-gorgeous microfarm in Sausalito and an accompanying spa in Pacific Heights, the roots of this company are deepy Bay Area. From a beauty perspective, the goods are magical. Earthy and floral, the quality of each product is clear. From a science perspective, the company has a brain. The upshot of each of these uniquely wonderful characteristics is a burgeoning business that is ready to change the face of natural beauty regimens.

The founder Justine Kahn. Photography courtesy of Botnia SkincareThe founder Justine Kahn. Photography courtesy of Botnia Skincare

The founder Justine Kahn. Photography courtesy of Botnia Skincare


In truth, it seems Botnia is made possible by skin science and a little bit of magic. The love and dedication that goes into the creation of the brand’s products is self-evident. Founder and CEO Justine Kahn started Botnia a year and a half ago. She described the feeling of founding her own company both exciting and terrifying, like jumping off a cliff. After years of working as an esthetician, however, she could no longer avoid the fact that the skin care she envisioned for her clients simply didn’t exist. Thus Botnia was born, driven by a deep knowledge and understanding of botanicals and rooted in plant biology research she and her now husband, Clayton, have pored over for years.

“People deserve better,” Justine told us in regards to why she’s so entirely passionate about here work. “There should be more oversight; it’s very difficult to be a consumer today. You want to trust a brand to have your best interest, but so often that’s not the case.”

On Botnia’s microfarm in Marin, oversight and ethical product creation is pretty much their north star. With raised beds filled with roses, geranium, rosemary, calendula, and lemon verbena to name just a few plants, the entire plot of land laughs in color and lush nature. In addition to the flora, water catchment systems and full recycling of natural water is also in the works, promoting a fully ethical and environmentally friendly operation true to its roots and mission.

With Botnia, it’s clear where the ingredients are coming from, how they were made, and where they’ll go next. The movement? Farm to face. Seed to skin. Considering our skin is the our largest organ, we probably should demand this kind of transparency from the companies we allow to interact with it, no? Justine shares her vision for the company, which comprises of Botnia becoming a go-to authority on spas and skin care; an Aveda-like brand that is trusted and relied upon for exactly what it is.

That goal may not be so far off. In just over six months, Botnia has gone from having seven spa partners across the country to fifty-two. This “slow beauty” movement as Justine calls it, which  begins at the microfarm and is actualized both through the products themselves as well as spa treatments, is catching on. After years of study and devotion to this idea, Justine expresses that it’s “so awesome to be at this affirmation point.”

Awesome indeed. We can attest to the caliber of their mission. An afternoon spent at Skin Remedy in Pacific Heights left us feeling renewed. (Honestly, I could feel my skin breathe. Who knew that was a thing?) This experience, combined with the work being done in their Sausalito garden, left us struck thinking, this just may be the real deal.

“I came into this industry as a young person, and there wasn’t enough natural care for people struggling with acne or skin issues,” Justine explained. “My goal now is to develop a way we can retrain the skin, and train people to take care of their skin the correct way.” Discover Botnia products online, and visit Skin Remedy in Pac Heights for a glimpse into Justine’s wonderful world of skin health.

// Skin Remedy, 3638 Sacramento St, Pacific Heights;

Science-Based Skincare That Starts In The Garden—Botnia Skincare On Natural Beauty
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