Month: September 2018

An Updated Guide To Men’s Grooming in the Bay Area

If you missed Spring cleaning, Summer shake out, and are going into Fall looking like a caveman? This guide was made for you. Pre-shave lotion, post-shave lotion, oils, creams, and serums—where does one start? We don’t want to overload you but we’ve got some heavy hitters we can’t live without. No literally, put us on […]

What’s Your BART Story? We Turned To Reddit

Having a personal funny story for parties is always needed—but when we read these BART related stories, we couldn’t help but share. Below are a few of our favorite BART stories curated from the SF Bay Area sub-reddit. Enjoy, laugh, or be disgusted. Or all three if you’re lucky. Coming back from SF on New […]

The September Editor’s Letter: An Autumn Almanac

“Life starts all over again as it gets crisp in the fall.” Scott Fitzgerald said it, although man do I wish it had been me. Instead, I’ll say this: Seasons are like songs, and if you bother to think about it, you’ll find this is quite true. Seasons can jog a memory the way a […]

7 Bay Area Perfumers You Need To Sniff Out For Fall

Scent—a powerful way to make a first and sometimes last impression, coming in for that hug or handshake with a person you haven’t met and knowing them based on their perfume or cologne is a real thing. Make a good first impression and give a sniff to these local Bay Area perfumeries. Congoscenti // […]

Sweet-tooths Galore! The Museum Of Ice Cream Is Staying in San Francisco

After extending past various closure dates, the Museum of Ice Cream keeps the freezer alive by staying permanent in the One Grant space. Now Eater SF reports that the Ice Cream haven will remain at its Grant Street hub in San Francisco indefinitely, citing a museum spokesperson saying, “Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco will continue to […]

The Age Of Segregated Co-Working—Is It Leaving Out Non-Binary Femme & Butch Queens?

The influx of co-working made for just women—But as a feminine gay man, I want a gorgeous space to be included in too. As a premise to this letter, I completely understand the need for spaces built for women and their power. Women are not equally treated in the boardroom, to remedy this, spaces such […]

A Pleathora of Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Trailblazing California’s Aesthetic

Ask the average citizen to name a famous American architect and you can bet that their answer will be Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright gained such cultural primacy for good reason: he changed the way we build and live. Designing 1,114 architectural works of all types—532 of which were realized—he created some of the most innovative […]

Juanita More!’s Next Venture is All things Brunch and Dinner—and We’re Here for it

MORE!Jones is the drag brunch-and-dinner you never knew you needed—but, now knowing it, can never imagine yourself living without. Juanita MORE, the drag icon of the Bay Area who’s known for throwing quite the after-parade party, is now on to her newest, freshest foodie venture: MORE! Jones, a weekly fabulous feast showcasing an ever-changing menu […]

Off The Menu: Aube Creamery Opens Quietly In Japantown

And their cones SCREAM with distinct flavor. Opening an ice cream shop in the city is no easy feat but for owner, Calvin Chang, everyday is a new learning experience. Tucked away on the first level of the Japantown West Mall, Calvin is excited to be apart of this blossoming, modern Japantown. “A lot of […]

The Wonderful World of Monastery Made is Coming To Le Point

And we suggest not missing this as it’s key information into what skincare can actually do for you. Co-founder Athena Hewett will be discussing the importance, technique, and self-care of how proper skincare can be achieved. The skin is an incredibly sensitive organ, subject, and idea to consume. There are professionals who have years of […]

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