A Colorful Collaboration Between Kindah Khalidy and Gorman Clothing—Um, We Want It All

Though Summer may be over and sadly, fall fashion colors make way into our closets, Kindah Khalidy, isn’t so sure.

When Gorman Clothing’s Founder & CEO Lisa Gorman joined hands with Bay Area artist Kindah Khalidy, sparks flew. And we mean flew, the splatters of Khalidy’s colorful masterpieces adorning dresses, shirts, pants, and socks alike. Lisa Gorman founded Gorman in 1999 as a modest operation, wholesaling a small range of clothing through Melbourne fashion retailer FAT52. Sixteen years on, the label now has 30 stores nationally and over 150 employees. Lisa is still very much at the helm of the operation, designing ranges with her talented team, driving Gorman’s marketing campaigns and rolling out new stores. But Khalidy is no small, blossoming artist—indeed, she is a big deal. Kindah Khalidy is a California based painter and textile designer, with fine art paintings both collected and exhibited worldwide. She earned a BFA in painting, drawing and textiles from California College of the Arts, and is the author of “A Playful Plan for Learning to Paint.”

In addition to her namesake line “Kindah Khalidy,” she has collaborated with major apparel brands and companies including: Vans, Facebook, Hobes, Land of Nod, Linus Bikes, Nordstroms, Anthropologie, and Old Navy.  She has also partnered with the United Nations and Unicef on other projects. So yeah, pretty big.

Though the Gorman brand has always had a playful nature—bringing Khalidy into the mix was essentially a no-brainer. “This Summer 2018, Lisa Gorman collaborates with Kindah Khalidy to continue a shared ambition in producing wearable art,” says the statement on the collaboration, “this collection brings you iconically Kindah prints established from original artworks to a range of apparel, accessories and homewares.” And we’re on-board to make a statement.

// Check out a sample of the collection below and BUY EVERYTHING. Seriously, so good; $14–$300; gormanshop.com.au.







A Colorful Collaboration Between Kindah Khalidy and Gorman Clothing—Um, We Want It All
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