Off The Menu: Aube Creamery Opens Quietly In Japantown

And their cones SCREAM with distinct flavor.

Opening an ice cream shop in the city is no easy feat but for owner, Calvin Chang, everyday is a new learning experience. Tucked away on the first level of the Japantown West Mall, Calvin is excited to be apart of this blossoming, modern Japantown. “A lot of people don’t know we’re here,” he tells us over cones, “but when they stumble upon us, they’re pretty surprised and will happily come in.” The shop has seen organic growth since their opening earlier this summer.

But it’s not because the space has a cool, muted pink undertone that attracts eyes, it’s the happy stomachs that walk out. For flavors, get this: “Very Berry,” a sorbet-style cone, hojicha and chocolate and “Rice Cream.” With each order, customers receive one free topping.

“The one thing about us that (in my opinion) makes us stand out is that all of our flavors are made by hand daily. We use nothing in the shop for day two. We hand cut all the toppings, we whisk and whip the ice cream in the back every morning and if we run out, then we’ve sold out of that flavor for the day,” Calvin tells us with certainty in his voice. The store blends all the tea, spices, and various other organic flavorings in the mid-morning and by noon, open to the general public with the freshest batches of ice cream.

Pro-tip: to beat the Japantown (tourist) crowd, go on an off day like Tuesday through Thursday—this way you can have your ice cream and eat it to. “Tuesday through Thursday is usually slower for us,” Calvin says, “but once the weekend rolls around, we’re pretty slammed.”

// Open from Noon to 9 P.M., Tuesday to Sunday, 1581 Webster St., Ste. 150, Japantown;

Eating a "Very Berry" cone at Aube Creamery.Eating a "Very Berry" cone at Aube Creamery.

Eating a “Very Berry” cone at Aube Creamery.

Off The Menu: Aube Creamery Opens Quietly In Japantown
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