The Wonderful World of Monastery Made is Coming To Le Point

And we suggest not missing this as it’s key information into what skincare can actually do for you.

Co-founder Athena Hewett will be discussing the importance, technique, and self-care of how proper skincare can be achieved. The skin is an incredibly sensitive organ, subject, and idea to consume. There are professionals who have years of training and other’s who do it in a hobbyist way, for Athena—she found the ability to mix both aspects into her raved about line of healing face oils. Athena first experienced the power of aromatherapy and natural skincare from her grandmother’s pressed oil. From their own grove and mixed sage, chamomile, and rosemary into tonics to purify and heal her skin. But after over a decade studying and practicing with medical-grade skincare products in California, Athena realized that technology had not improved on her grandmother’s holistic recipes for purifying and healing skin.

Portrait of Athena, courtesy of Pistol PR.Portrait of Athena, courtesy of Pistol PR.

Portrait of Athena, courtesy of Pistol PR.

In fact, the proliferation of astringent products which tried (and mostly failed) to combat acne left her patients’ skin irritated, red, and dry. Of course, how does a local brand that taps into pure skincare have such a loyal and cult following? Easy, her ingredients. Picture: sages from the archipelagos of Greece, roses from Ayurvedic India, citri from the blooms of Japan — these products evoke the suns they were grown under.

Doesn’t this sound like a dream? Well, luckily for us, Athena will be giving this information out for FREE. No need to book any sort of consultation. One of Monastery’s stockist, Le Pointe, will be hosting the little meet-up with the founder and a panel-like discussion will proceed within the evening. Best part, everyone who attends will be entered into a raffle for $500 worth of Monastery Made product. BANANAS. 

// Thursday, September 20 from 6—8pm, 301 Valencia St, Mission;

The Wonderful World of Monastery Made is Coming To Le Point
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