What’s Your BART Story? We Turned To Reddit

Having a personal funny story for parties is always needed—but when we read these BART related stories, we couldn’t help but share.

Below are a few of our favorite BART stories curated from the SF Bay Area sub-reddit. Enjoy, laugh, or be disgusted. Or all three if you’re lucky.

Coming back from SF on New Years. Someone yells out “Anyone want a drink?” and pulls out a full fifth of Jose Cuervo. Some super sun tanned Vato says ‘Hell ya!” Vato walks over to dude, grabs the bottle and proceeds to CHUG and CHUG and CHUG that tequila till he drank 3/4 of the bottle. Everyone started clapping when he was done! Guy just calmly walked back to his seat and looked out the window for the rest of the ride. — ImThatDipShit

Photo by Charlie and Melody Wambeke.Photo by Charlie and Melody Wambeke.

Photo by Charlie and Melody Wambeke.

A few years ago at the Fruitvale Station, saw a mom on the upper platform, she turned around to grab something from her bag with her stroller next to her. She was close to the staircase. Some guy came out of nowhere and speed limped towards her stroller making a beeline for it. He picked it up and proceed to launch the stroller down the flight of stairs. The mom freaked out and the man screamed something like “He doesn’t deserve this world!” and then some gibberish. He then limped off and disappeared. Luckily the stroller was empty and the dad later emerged from the staircase carrying their baby. So the mom probably went ahead up to the platform with the empty stroller while the dad and baby were a few minute behind fortunately for them. A year or two later, I saw the same guy limping around the West Oakland station, agitating looking and scanning random people walking by. — Sublimotion

Photo by  CT Young .Photo by  CT Young .

Photo by CT Young.

Not very exciting, but once It was raining; the floor of the car was wet, and I was standing, wearing shoes without much grip on the soles. I stopped holding on to something at exactly the wrong time and ended up in a sitting dude’s lap. He was holding coffee; It didn’t spill on me, but it did spill. All I could think was “I hope no one recorded that.” Pretty embarrassing. — sfocolleen

Photo by  Lee .Photo by  Lee .

Photo by Lee.

On my way from Berkeley to Coliseum for an A’s/Yankees game. Train was packed. It’s supposed to be a straight shot, but the train took a wrong turn and we stopped at West Oakland. Honest. People were pissed since we were missing the first pitch, and the poor operator had to walk the whole way through the train to get to the driver’s seat on the other end so we could go back on route. — 211logos

It was Rockridge, or maybe 12th St., and this big guy wearing no pants and a centurial helmet jumped the turnstile. There was a bart cop there, but he was a mounted cop, and he wasn’t having any of it, so he just followed the helmet man all the way down the escalator and on to the train. Now my car was mostly Jehovah’s witnesses, and you know how those people are around horses. They all jammed up against one side of the car. The helmet guy yelled “aha!” and waved his monstrous wang at everyone on the car and then leapt out the other side. We had to endure a very long, awkward bart ride to Embarcadero before the horse was able to get off. — mrmagcore

Photo by  CT Young  .Photo by  CT Young  .

Photo by CT Young.

Dropping my bonus check (many $$$$) and being paged on the overhead to pick it up at the kiosk at Montgomery. — sadsealions

Got out of the Wu-Tang concert, rode all the way to Fremont (before the Warm Springs station was open). Everyone’s waiting for their rideshares when this vato-lookin’ dude, probably just 16, is frantically, tearfully begging the BART cop to check trains for something – apparently, he lost a gold chain he borrowed from his brother. Cop, who is striking a weird balance between ‘sorry man’ and ‘i just wanna go home’, tells him he’ll have to call the stations and lost and found in the morning. It was incredibly awkward to stand there for, like, a solid 30 minutes while this guy checked and rechecked his backpack, graduating to sobbing. I hope he’s okay. — JayrassicPark

What’s Your BART Story? We Turned To Reddit
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