An Updated Guide To Men’s Grooming in the Bay Area

If you missed Spring cleaning, Summer shake out, and are going into Fall looking like a caveman? This guide was made for you.

Pre-shave lotion, post-shave lotion, oils, creams, and serums—where does one start? We don’t want to overload you but we’ve got some heavy hitters we can’t live without. No literally, put us on our death bed if any of these things leave our lives. Whether you’re a guy on the go or a man with a plan, we’re confident that these products will fit snugly into the hourglass of your day to day. Otherwise, this never happened.


Mom always said to wash your face thoroughly and slap on a bit of Vaseline after… No… just us? Well fear not, grab a to-go bottle of Aesop’s Hydrating Cream for when the skin is dry as a desert, red as a tomato, or just needs general love. Your skin absorbs 60% of moisture (since it’s an organ) so find your sidekick. // 2450 Fillmore St, Pac Heights

Strand SF

Strand in Little Saigon is a hidden gem that we needed to know, recommended by a reader — the team strives for the perfect cut, buzz, and trim every time. And their services… Crazily cheap: a buzz cut can start at $17 and goes forward at $20. Go get lined up for spring with these hair wizards. // 704 Larkin St, Little Saigon,

The Refinery Grooming Club

Opened since April 2013, The Refinery Grooming Club is the place in the Mission to get precise hair cuts and beard trims. Originally The Refinery was a one-man show, operating out of a studio on 18th Street.  In January 2016, the team expanded and opened their storefront on Mission at 22nd. Perks such as hot towel treatments are complimentary, as they seek to give patrons an experience leaving them revitalized and ready for everything San Francisco has to offer. Classic touches and personalized attention valued. Level up your hair. // 2589 Mission St, Mission,

 Photography by Anthony Rogers of Neo Visualism Photography |  Photography by Anthony Rogers of Neo Visualism Photography |

Juniper Ridge

The Desert Beard & Face Oil is an organic jojoba-based moisturizer that men gravitate towards. The scented wildcrafted fragrance is distilled from plants from the Mojave Desert of Southern California. The unique desert plants make for a truly different kind of fragrance: rugged and complex, like the desert it comes from. Apply generously to face and facial hair; experience the desert trail with the Juniper Ridge team, not some kind of fragrant inspiration of the trail, but a true-piece of it, itself. // $35, Juniper Ridge,

Every Man Jack

The feeling of your stubble growing out usually induces two visceral reactions. 1: Finally shading on my “at-risk-chin”, 2: Please don’t break me out. To help with both of those unfortunate situations, San Francisco Men’s care company, Every Man Jack understand the science behind beardism. Their Post Shave Lotion in Sandalwood is divine. Selling in stores nationwide, getting your hands on a bottle is as simple as the A,B,C’s. // Every Jack Man


If you aren’t priding yourself on a properly constructed man bun then this product is great for your hair that wants to do its own thing. With support. Breathe easy knowing that your hair is hydrated through the entire day without having to stop at a cars rear window to do a quick check. The hair puts itself in check. // 305 Kearny St, FiDi,

// Photography by Anthony Rogers, modeled by Nick D. Want to recommend a business or product for this guide? Email us here.

An Updated Guide To Men’s Grooming in the Bay Area

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