Month: October 2018

From Japan to San Francisco, A Self-Love Revolution

Seeking an identity may be as difficult as finding a perfect partner. When you truly know yourself and start loving yourself, you may feel like you meet a whole new person. This is the story of a Japanese woman finding her identity in a new life, in a new country. “Generally, I really don’t like […]

How To Tell If Your Office Is A Low Key Cult In 6 Key Steps

Our 9-to-5’ers, you’re not alone nor are you crazy. After working a variety of office related jobs that deal with a variety of teams, you could say we’ve seen a lot of human spirit be thrown around. But you’re not alone—a cult and an office environment can mirror parallels beyond just your eyes. Here are […]

The Horror Stories of SF Dental And Why I Feel Behind Orally

I’m in my late twenties, I’m biting the bullet of fear and trying to find dental work in San Francisco. But San Francisco, why you gotta’ make it 10 times harder? I’ll be first to admit, my teeth need work. Bad. Years of childhood destruction mixed with a parent who let me learn things the […]

Life Beyond Pale—As Told By Vincent Guan

We’re privileged to live in such a place as the Bay Area. The different stories one shares amongst each other and this story is no different. We sat down with Vincent Guan, a native San Franciscan, who recants his life from age 5 until now on being full-blooded Chinese, Albino, and the growings of growing […]

Artist Sonya Abby Gets Relatable With Drawings About Life

It’s entirely natural to have bad days, it’s also natural to take your bra off after a long day. San Francisco illustrator Sonya Abby illustrated the moments in life that seemed worthy of penning down onto paper. Things you think about but funnily enough, make even more sense in figurative form. Without further ado, please […]

Lost Sons and Life Interrupted in “Beautiful Boy”

When celebrated journalist David Sheff, a North Bay local, published his memoir “Beautiful Boy” in 2008, the reaction from readers was profound. Until then, there was scarce literature on the pain of drug addiction, let alone any that delved into understanding addiction from a personal or parental point of view. Losing a child literally or […]

The Ten-Minute Mask Revitalizing Your Champagne Hangovers

The bubbles may be expensive but your next day rescue effort for puffy eyes doesn’t have to be. A hidden gem in San Francisco, Roots and Bloom’s Champagne Hangover is here to mask your tired eyes—literally. Founder and trained herbalist Brittney Kerrigan expressed she can get a boom moment during her creative process of developing […]

Oakland’s First Friday’s Cancelled Until Safety Provisions Are Updated

First Friday’s are on hiatus after shooting causes major safety concerns with the city of Oakland. Organizers for Oakland’s First Fridays—the wildly popular art, food and music festival that brings nearly 30,000 revelers to the town each month—announced that it is canceling its scheduled November event.   The individuals-in-charge noted that, “there are several reasons […]

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