Inside the Studio: Dropbox’s San Francisco Headquarters Is Serious Goals

Like something out of the London journal, we’ve got to admit that San Francisco’s Dropbox has one spectacular office space. Mixing in all our favorite Pantone shades, we’ve gotta ask — what’s the rent?

The file-sharing beast’s mission was to make multiple spaces where people can connect on a comfortable level rather than trying to make the desk and chair work. Their space gives us Handmaid’s Tale vibes like no other — essentially, Dropbox has created their own city within a city. The project was spearheaded by DP’s design lead Glara Ahn and former DP black op project’s designer Claire Pedersen. A clear sense of color palette rings through and the overall theme evokes several moods.


To put the cherry on top, Dropbox enlisted help from two architecture and design studios in San Francisco; Rapt and AvroKO, from there the research, concepting, and design of Dropbox’s HQ was underway.

Of course, the “one-office-fits-all” mold got too stale, Ahn needed to enlist the entire companies input to really drive home a design that would appease to most.

Within the concepting stage, Ahn realized that the staff was looking for multiple spaces, multiple work outlets to escape to. With 1,500 employee’s working out of the San Francisco office daily — Ahn had to make sure that design could transcend taste.

Check out the rest of the designs in the gallery below — tres chic!


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Inside the Studio: Dropbox’s San Francisco Headquarters Is Serious Goals
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