Outdoor Chic: Six Ways To Glamp Instantly in NorCal

Taking a moment to “glamp” as the kids say is a moment to recharge right as we get into the almost Summer madness. And don’t worry, these sites are all affordable and group-friendly.

Steep Ravine Cabins

Welcome to the completely bare bones experience where waves crashing against the rocks in the morning sets off into distant fog that nurtures the indoor fireplace with a gorgeous warmth. We suggest bringing layers and blankets because it will get chilly.

Photo courtesy of HipCamp.Photo courtesy of HipCamp.

Photo courtesy of HipCamp.

Yuba River Retreat

Bringing small spaces to the center of attention, getting up close and personal with your camping buddy won’t be too hard as these huts are made for close quarter living. The stones made with hut have been gathered from the surrounding area’s so each hut is designed and made just a little different from each other.

Photo courtesy of Glamping Hook.Photo courtesy of Glamping Hook.

Photo courtesy of Glamping Hook.

Treehouse Vineyard, Monterey Bay

Being kids again isn’t hard because a good ole’ fashion tree house is exactly what we need to feel on top of the world. Offering some of the most spectacular views NorCal can offer, the Treehouse Vineyard is booked out quite often so we suggest planning your glamp for a future date in 2017 — but you never know, you might wanna check now for sooner availability.

Photo via 7x7.Photo via 7x7.

Photo via 7×7.

Redwood Treehouse Santa Cruz Mtns.

And since we’re continuing our love for a tree house adventure, we couldn’t forget mentioning the Redwood Treehouse that is literally famous for it’s breathtaking evergreen scenery and cozy amenities. If you’re needing a city detox stat, we would book this spot immediately. Also, this price point… you can’t beat it.

Photo courtesy of Autocamp.Photo courtesy of Autocamp.

Photo courtesy of Autocamp.

Autocamp, Russian River

A chicer way to glamp in our opinion, but sometimes, you just need a bit of outdoorsy-ness to really get you in the mood. Sadly, not so isolating as you may want but the community that Autocamp attracts is the equation for a good time. Don’t forget to bring the Blanc.

Photo via 7x7.Photo via 7x7.

Photo via 7×7.

Oz Farms, Point Arena

It’s like if Annie got her gun and then decided, “actually, I’m gonna chill among the poppies.” This forever summer oasis tends to those who love a little history in their stay. The small but charming western homes have a bit of age on them which speaks to those who love a bit of warmth and the smell of fresh air. But don’t worry, all the amenities are included.

// Feature photo via Curbed SF. Did we miss any spots you love? Let us know.

Outdoor Chic: Six Ways To Glamp Instantly in NorCal

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