The Eye of Sauron Coming To The Salesforce Tower? Petition Demands It

And realistically, it’s a great idea.

“Turn Salesforce Tower into Eye Of Sauron on Hallowe’en night” says the petition that has over 3,000 signatures as of Sunday afternoon. It even yielded a response from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff himself. The LED display atop San Francisco’s tallest tower—which according to SF-based artist Jim Campell projects light inward toward the building cap so that the display visible to the city is a reflection—displays a series of recorded scenes each night, ranging from SF street montages to silhouetted dancers.

But sadly, it might not even be a reality, “The building is owned by Boston Properties and they are in charge of the art,” Benioff told Curbed SF. Salesforce received naming rights to the building as part of its long and extensive lease deal, but doesn’t actually own any stake in the tower.

Though the petition isn’t so sound either reading:

San Francisco = Mordor

Salesforce Tower = Eye Of Sauron

Find the hobbits.


But Benioff supplied a better alternative, “I would prefer for it to become a signal for Batkid to return as our city needs a lot of love right now.” The Batkid, a Make-A-Wish event that took the entire city by excited storm a few years prior.

But just revel in the art we created for this article, it’s damn near stupid.

// Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

The Eye of Sauron Coming To The Salesforce Tower? Petition Demands It
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