MAAD: All That You See

Singer, songwriter, DJ, and model.

Quite a lengthy resume for such a burgeoning young talent, but then again, MAAD has written each turn of her career trajectory, expertly hustling her way into each and every room in which she wanted to be. Whatever the science and soul of that hustle may be, we want in on it. With her first EP, LÉ FUNK, she put herself on the map. This year ushers in her latest body of work: New Religion.  

One of Bob Cut’s first interactions with MAAD occurred this past fall when she DJ’d a community event for us in North Beach. From the first track she spun, there was a buzz about this woman. Something in the way she deftly moved the party from one sound to the next, not overpowering the room, but rather skillfully urging it to be more alive with each passing song. A slender, towering force dressed to kill in a slick white suit, it was no surprise that a resounding reaction to our soiree was this: “Please tell me who was the DJ?”

In short, if she isn’t on your radar yet, she should be. And we’re here to put her there.

// Read the rest of the story by purchasing Issue 6. Photography by RC Rivera, styling by Yoseline Cabrera, beauty by Victoria Boggiano. MAAD is wearing an Alice McCall dress.

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MAAD: All That You See
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