The Bob Cut Guide To Beer Drinking This Fall

There simply isn’t anything else quite like cracking open a cold one.

Post-hike, on game day, amongst friends, at the brewery, on the green—you name it. A beer is a beer is a friend of ours and we’ve rounded up a few of our most favorite, most local breweries for you to sip, sip, repeat this holiday season. Enjoy drinking.


Where to sip it: The Dealership (Oakland), The Barrelhouse (San Leandro), The Barn (Sacramento)

Why We Love it: It’s got hops AND history. Chat with any of the Drake’s guys and you’ll want to go back to college for your BA in local beer lore (if only). We spent an entire afternoon in San Leandro touring the taps, backrooms, front rooms, and all the rest before topping it off with an afternoon serenade of live music over thicc brats during Oktoberfest activities.

Pick Our Poison: Denogginizer, Smoked Scarlett, & 1500 Pale Ale


Fort Point

Where to sip it: The Fort Point Taproom (Ferry Building), Joinery (Sausalito)

Why We Love it: This is a love at first sight kind of deal. The packaging, the design, the font choice? We loved this beer before we even sipped it. We loved everything after throwing back four (or five).

Pick Our Poison: Manzanita (oh you so festive, girl!), Westfalia (classic), & Animal IPA (takes one to know one- cha feel?)


Triple Voodoo

Where to sip it: Triple Voodoo Taproom (Dogpatch)

Why We Love it: Relatively laid back and under the radar, we love Triple Voodoo’s authenticity and style. Word on the street is it’s also a great venue for your next banger (work-related or otherwise).

Pick Our Poison: Triple Tropical Treat & Inception



Magnolia Brewing

Where to sip it: The Magnolia Taproom (Haight & Dogpatch)

Why We Love it: The beers themselves will keep you coming back for more, but the taprooms are an equally loveable part of the equation here. Magnolia’s new location in Dogpatch has a menu that seriously packs a punch, and enough brew flights to pile on the merriment. The throwback SF hippie vibes of the space could keep us happily chugging all day (and night).

Pick Our Poison: Kalifornia Kolsch & Red Spruce IPA


Speakeasy Ales & Lagers

Where to sip it: San Francisco Bayview/Hunters Point Taproom

Why We Love it: SF-brewed since the nineties, we can relate to their unwavering spirit of bootleggers and Prohibition-era gangsters on a mission to give up the goods to their city.

Pick Our Poison: Prohibition Ale, Gilded Age Stout, & Blood Oath Red Ale


Black Hammer

Where to sip it: The Taproom – 554 Bryant Street

Why We Love it: It’s funky and authentic. And they rotate their beer selection every. dang. day.

Pick Our Poison: (as of 11/20) Heff Bridges (we’re suckers for puns with our alcohol) & Jaded Raver (the much-underappreciated British Ale)


Anchor Brewing Company

Where to sip it: Anchor Public Taps (Potrero Hill)

Why We Love it: They’re America’s first and oldest craft brewery ever. We also really vibe with their outdoor succulent garden and afternoon food truck extravaganza

Pick Our Poison: Liberty Ale, California Lager, & Go West! IPA


// Photography by Anthony Rogers. Want to add to our beer guide, email us here!

The Bob Cut Guide To Beer Drinking This Fall
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