The Beer To End All Beers: Original Pattern Brewing Co. Serving Originality

Tell us: who doesn’t like having a great pint of beer and a great atmosphere with their close friends?

Original Pattern Brewing Company, the brewery and taproom in the Jack London neighborhood run by beer enthusiasts Max Silverstein and his wife Margie, created a space for just that—great beer and amazing atmosphere.

Having been enjoying home brewing, Silverstein started dreaming of having his own brewing space in the bigger context, which led him to a brewing school in 2009. His rich brewing experience at home and in other places, his expertise from a brewing school and knowledge of business from college came all together and he opened Original Pattern Brewing Company in April of 2018.

The Bay Area brewing scene is growing and people here are probably getting pickier about beers. Then, what’s special about the Original Pattern?

Original Pattern carries 10 beers—from classic ones to their own interesting, inventive ones (like crowd favorite Hawaiian Shirt) as well as from light to dark flavors. This actually is reflected in the name “Original Pattern”.  “We are trying to copy original patterns that someone else made. But we are also experimenting, innovating and creating own original patterns at the same time,” Silverstein says, “we want that there is always something new, so when people come back, they can try something new rather than coming in and seeing the same ten [kinds of beer]. We want to be able to have something for anyone who comes in. We want to be able to find a beer that they like.” With a wide variety of flavors to choose from, Silverstein is more than happy to offer his knowledge on the brew process to all patrons.

Also, focusing on locally-made fresh, high-quality beers is their strength as well as their philosophy; Silverstein explains, “We went to brewing schools, so having professional training [is actually special]. Some breweries are just brewing at home and then open up a brewery but never went to school or never worked in other places,” he explains. The high-quality spirit is also applied to the food–yummy dumplings and bao are served by a partner vendor at the location. The unorthodox food-beer combination may seem interesting, but fulfills the belly.

This fledgling brewing company is excited for more growth in 2019. They will increase their production capacity and send beers out to more bars, restaurants and retail shops that want to carry their beer while serving ice cold beers from the tap in Oakland. There is good news: for people who want to taste Original Pattern’s beer at home, it has beers in cans with uniquely and colorfully designed labels, which you can find at Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl, Good Eggs and specialty craft beer shops in the Bay Area.

The Original Pattern Brewing Co. is creating a modern space to hang out and pints to really appreciate. Beers in Oakland? Original Pattern is first on your list. Cheers.

// Original Pattern Brewing Co., 292 4th Street, Oakland, CA, 94607; (510) 844-4833, INFO@ORIGINALPATTERNBEER.COM; ORIGINALPATTERNBEER.COM.

The Beer To End All Beers: Original Pattern Brewing Co. Serving Originality
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