What’s The Top Porn Search Result in San Francisco? It’s Unsurprising Really

If you think tech had the most interesting data about what we do, you’re far from right.

When PornHub released their annual data on porn search results based on city to city, we had to share what San Francisco searches the most. If you weren’t privy to what PornHub does, the team over at PH have a very sophisticated data collecting system the likes of Google Network searching. It’s incredibly advanced.

Pornhub teamed up with Digg to find out what the top five porn search terms are in 24 major cities across the U.S. ranging from San Francisco, St. Louis, MO to Washington, D.C. The top three most frequently occurring search terms? “Massage,” “ebony,” and “lesbian.” With a total of 1,885, 1,340, and 1,045 searches respectively, these three terms made the top five lists in over half of the cities analyzed. “Massage” took the top honor, appearing in a whopping 21 out of 24 states’ lists — something which surprised even Pornhub itself. Said Corey Price, Pornhub’s Vice President, to the Huffington Post, “We weren’t expecting that to be such a popular term across so many of these major cities.” Who knew? People just want a massage.


Does this surprise you? ‘Cause if it doesn’t, you’re actually not the only one, according to PornHub on this data, “33% of San Francisco’s residents are of Asian descent (according to the 2010 US Census), so much like Honolulu, the word “Asian” takes the number one search spot, and “Japanese” comes in at number three. The most popular pornstar is also Asian babe “Alina Li”. And like their fellow Californians in Los Angeles, there are a lot of searches for “casting”.

Of course, this data can shift with trends but overall and overarching, Asian, is San Francisco’s claim to porn fame. Go out and impress your friends.

// Photography by Charles Deluvio.

What’s The Top Porn Search Result in San Francisco? It’s Unsurprising Really
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