Month: February 2019

The February Editor’s Letter: Box Seats

February, a month shorter and cozier than all others, is also characteristically packed with reminders of talent and grandeur. It’s awards season. It’s theater season. It’s also, quite wonderfully, symphony season.  Thanks to an unforeseen stroke of luck this month, I found myself with box seats to the San Francisco Symphony on a stormy Friday […]

6 Light Sculptures You Need To See In Person Around SF

We love our graffiti sightings—walls covered in beautiful colors but when night falls, the lights go up and San Francisco’s light art scene shines. We’re here to highlight (pun intended) some of our favorites below—did we miss any? You should email us a few of the ones you love. Photo via Bayview Rise Bayview Rise […]

Off The Menu: An Evening at Fern Bar

Historically speaking, “Fern Bar” is an American slang term for an trendy, upscale bar frequented by single twenty and thirty-somethings, often decorated with an array of greenery, including but not limited to ferns and other members of the plant kingdom. The phrase peaked in popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Today in the […]

Getaway From The Bay: Tokyo’s Most Photo-Worthy Destinations

This article was originally published on Tokyo, the city that invents and reinvents itself, is Japan’s golden child.   Blending the traditional with the ultra modern, from cherry blossom groves and Shinto temples to neon-lit skyscrapers and anime amusement parks. It became the land of the rising sun’s capital in 1868 when Emperor Meiji moved […]

Money Diaries: What An East Bay Student Can Spend In A Week

When living in San Francisco, most would assume that Oakland is vastly much cheaper. And to some degree, I can attest but shocker, we live in the Bay Area—expense is written up in our leases. I tracked my spending for a week in the East Bay and what I discovered about myself was telling—overall, I […]

The January Editor’s Letter: On the State of Dating

At the start of a new year, humankind often finds itself in a hopeful position of self-betterment. Gym memberships skyrocket and those that scorned love in the year prior, make yet another valiant effort to be worthy of it, and find someone who may be worthy of theirs. January and February see a lot of […]

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