Month: March 2019

Bob Cut Mag’s Big Beauty Edit 2019

Every year, the Bay Area and the world inducts new beauty, wellness, and health companies that seem to change the status quo of the industry. Of course, ripe for disruption, we’ve seen the likes of alternative healing and wellness, CBD, and so forth gain serious popularity in the year 2018, coming into 2019. But how […]

The Business of Quality: Bells & Becks on Functional Art

“I love shoes” says Tamar Miller, founder of Bells & Becks, who had been unhappy with the state of footwear both in business and in design. Why would people undervalue themselves and their shoes? One reason: quality. No one is willing to pay for quality nowadays. American consumers are used to buying fast, wearing long, […]

Inspired By Chinatown: MANDO Clothing

As children of Chinese immigrants growing up in the Bay Area, cousins Andrew and Aaron Mando were constantly influenced by an intersections of cultures, an overlapping of worlds. Upon entering the workforce, they found jobs in tech, that uncompromising new legacy of our city, but often wondered how they could marry their business acumen with […]

Why Is Our Sex Taboo? A Thought About What We Want

San Francisco. Why are you still so squeamish about sexual taboos? Even if we have days, events, and open fondness about it? To your credit, you’re the only city that allows sexual freedoms such as nudity in certain spaces, women can be topless where men can be topless, you have Folsom Street Fair—where connoisseurs of […]

Issue 7: Justine Kahn

Whichever angle one chooses to look upon Botnia skin care line, it’s remarkable. From a local perspective, it’s unbeatable. With ingredients grown just over the bridge on a beyond-gorgeous microfarm in Sausalito and an accompanying spa in Pacific Heights, the roots of this company are deeply Bay Area. From a beauty perspective, the goods are […]

This One’s For the Girls: Women-Run Businesses Worth Supporting

We asked, you responded. And with fervor, we might add. The Bay Area feels strongly about businesses helmed by women, and we’re here to celebrate those companies. We posed a question on Instagram Stories—”who is/are your fave women-led business(es),” we wanted to adequately highlight some of the lady-bosses that the community has come to love. […]

Her Time Is Now: Denise Ramos

San Francisco based designer Denise Ramos is a soft-spoken woman who lets her work do the talking, offering a distinctive point of view. A recent graduate of Academy of Art University, Ramos is poised to make an impact in the fashion industry. Upon graduating, Ramos got a job in San Francisco, working as an assistant […]

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