Month: April 2019

The Joan: The April Editor’s Letter

If you ask for “The Joan” at The Riddler down in Hayes Valley, on the corner of Laguna and Linden, they’ll fill your wine glass up to the damn top. I mean, to the tip-top. I mean, so tip top that you’ll gasp a little as they finish off the pour. I love watching people […]

Ugly Pickle Co. on Saving The Planet, Upcycling Produce, and Educating Masses

It is a sunny day as I walk towards the Ferry Building, the sun blaring down so hard I can feel the rays scorch the crown of my middle part. I’m making my way to meet Kayla Abe and David Murphy, founders of the newest food upcycling company Ugly Pickle Co., and as the name […]

Gut Feelings: Brian Igersheim Talks Kombucha

Leave it to the North Bay to take an already popular food market and somehow infinitely improve it. We’re only half kidding when I say there must be something in the water once you cross the threshold of the Golden Gate Bridge. Food movements flourish there. Land is sacred. Agriculture is honorable. And most recently, […]

Frédéric Tcheng on the Genius and Tragedy of “Halston”

The life of the multifaceted, at times mysterious fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick may have ended in San Francisco, but the legacy of the man has been wonderfully revived here as well with the arrival of Frédéric Tcheng’s latest documentary. “Halston,” which premiered earlier this year at Sundance, and more recently at SFFILM Festival, chronicles […]

Issue 7: Johnny Irwin

  When one stirs up the classic image of California surfing, San Francisco is likely not the setting of that picturesque vision. For one, the Northern California waters are often frigid in a brain-shattering way. For two, the lack of constant sun doesn’t immediately inspire the local population to dawn a bikini or some trunks […]

4/20: The Allure, Glamour, and Underbelly of Cannabis in California

Something San Francisco does very well is propel an often underrepresented community forward into the modern age. A side effect of this tendency, however, is a kind of amnesia that leaves our culture forgetting its roots, often blind to the place from where it came. Take cannabis, for instance; we now see it infused and […]

International Smoke & Edward Granger Come Together For The Kids

A mixture of chicken tenders, color-blocking, and the Raphael House children came together at International Smoke last week. With Chef Michael Mina and Ayesha Curry in attendance, the children got to enjoy a 5-star lunch and painting “lessons” by world renowned muralist, Edward Granger. Pulling inspiration from the restaurant’s global approach to fire, grilling, and […]

Tales, Continued. Armistead Maupin Opens SFFILM Festival

San Franciscans of all walks of life flooded the Castro Theatre on Wednesday night, celebrating the opening night of the SFFILM Festival and, more directly, the everlasting magic of Armistead Maupin. The author’s “Tales of the City” has taken on new life once again in the latest Netflix adaptation, which focuses on a new era […]

Coyuchi: On Comfort and Modern Sustainability

The rolling hills of Point Reyes, Tomales, Bolinas, and surrounding seashore have been home to some of the greatest agricultural and farm-to-table movements of the past five decades. From Cowgirl Creamery to Tartine Bakery (yes – it technically started in the North Bay before its famed Mission location), the care and love of well-produced, diligently […]

Miss Arepita Mixes Culture and Gluten-Free Goodness Into Her Appetizing Sandos

Tradition and the savory memories that follow serve as the ties that bind us to each other, and anchor us to a sense of comfort and peace. For Carolina Abolio and her Venezuelan culinary background, founded Miss Arepita and Arepa Mobile as a way to bring Venezuelan cuisine “to your backyard.” Arepa is a type of […]

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