Secret Recipe: Pomegranate Sangria For An Ending Summer Celebration

Put your mixology skills to good use with this Sangria recipe filtered with pomegranate and citrus flavors — Not a good bartender? Check out our list of delish Sangria to consume in SF whilst dining.

What we love about Sangria is that if we ever feel guilty about going out and partaking in an alcoholic beverage, we feel just a little relieved that we’re also getting a proper diet. Made with various fruits, honeys, and wines under the sun—Sangria is an art in itself and we’re here to recreate it.

Want to get out and try a variety of pitchers besides your own?

These intoxicating sangria spots will have your head spinning. Literally. Go out and give them a sip.

Cha Cha Cha // 2327 Mission St

This long-standing & lively Mission eatery serves Caribbean small plates & sangria by the pitcher. Stay safe as you consume these delish flavorings of plum, wine, and marmalade — It will get you drunk fast. Snag a basket of wings or dine head first into their seafood platters. Cha cha cha will be your one and only stop. — (415) 824-1502

Limon Rotisserie // 1001 S Van Ness Ave

Whether you want to dine out or get a bite to go, with rotisserie chicken & small plates are on the modern Peruvian menu, Limon Rotisserie is a relaxed way to snack without being rushed out the door. Need a good starter, a pitcher of sangria and pollo a la brasa is a great way to get acquainted with this causal mission eatery. — (415) 821-2134

Bask // 42 Columbus Ave

Meet the chic contemporary restaurant & bar serving traditional Basque Country fare & modern Spanish tapas. Brought together by family tradition and a knack for hearty eats, Bask understands the food coma and delivers ten fold. Don’t say we didn’t warn you with their dark sangria and veal sweetbread. Our mouths are watering currently. — (415) 392-2275

Picaro’s // 3120 16th St

This tapa spot shares small plates & sangria pitchers amid colorful, art-filled walls or on an outdoor patio — getting comfy here is no problem with their instant sangria refills. Top off and cheers to a glorious meal that won’t break the bank. Stay around longer and get to hear a lively mariachi band play for the entire restaurant, it’ll be the time of your life. — (415) 431-4089

Esperpento // 3295 22nd St

Traditional tapas, paella & other dishes lure diners to this colorful, casual Spanish restaurant but the sangria keeps them there all night. Portioned to be drank slowly, this powerful concoction of prime oranges and brandy will make you forget the night before so prepare that Uber and happy drinking. — (415) 282-8867

// *This was originally posted in May of 2016. All businesses have been crosschecked for closures. Header video still and video by Ashley Tarr.

Secret Recipe: Pomegranate Sangria For An Ending Summer Celebration

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