Month: August 2019

August Editor’s Letter—Summer Eulogy

If you know me and know Bob Cut, you probably most definitely also know that it’s time for my yearly Summer Eulogy. A silly yet deeply earnest love letter to the most perfectly crafted, fickle as hell season of them all.  I have been a summer person since I have been a person. Maybe it’s […]

Time To Work On Your Breathing: Rogue Habits + Friends Are Hosting a Breathwork Class

If one of your 2019 goals was to get more in tune with your body—we may have an suitable answer. Rogue Habits and their robust community are hosting a Breathwork class that will guide you through the motions of your spiritual and physical being. Sounds trippy? You may be right but we’re here to give […]

Snapshots from a San Francisco Skateboarder: In Conversation with James Ferrando

James Ferrando and I first meet at a neighborhood cafe in the Richmond—a space filled with warm wood tones and soft leather couches. Well, we plan to meet there. He is easily recognizable by his long curly hair and the skateboard resting under the table, and he is situated by the window, looking out onto […]

Epoque Evolution on Conscientious Fashion in San Francisco & Beyond

Epoque Evolution is the new sustainable brand in town changing the name of the sustainable game. Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco, the women behind this new sustainable fashion brand are determined to provide consumers with chic sustainable clothing, but also along the way, educate fashion aficionados on the importance of sustainable fashion—a goal that is […]

Open Book Show 6: Life and Resistance in the Everyday

Throughout the airy, warehouse-like space of Arion Press, the Open Book Show 6 climbs up walls, sits on tables, perches on the floors. Crowds weave in and out between the various raised surfaces holding sketchbooks, zines, and other tactile objects. People touch the objects on display with a mix of reverence and curiosity: gentle hands […]

Untethered: A Photo Essay on Icelandic Views

What does it mean to be untethered? Untied, unkept, devoid of any sort of fastening. It’s wild, it’s disquieting, it’s… incomparable to anything else. This week, we’re proud to introduce a new photo series to “Out There.” “Untethered” will celebrate the moments when we go grid-less. The moment where (wo)man meets wilderness and the former […]

An Ode to San Francisco’s Hella Pretty Side Walks

As memoirist Cheryl Strayed often says, “put yourself in the way of beauty.” Or, in our case—just walk alongside it. Our seven-by-seven slice of concrete and conifers is bursting with beauty. Be it man-made or natural occurring, you can’t spend a day in The city and not bump into or stumble upon something beguiling. But […]

“Ours:” An Art Installation That Got Familiarly Intimate

This must be a sign, I thought to myself, as I turned my ticker on and parallel parked into the spot that I had come across on Pine St. Only one block away. This is definitely a sign. After a full afternoon that consisted of visiting a friend over in Berkeley, sitting in (less severe […]

Hit The Career Reset Button with a Graduate Degree

Higher education—it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongues. A graduate degree can be a game changer for getting that raise you deserve, the promotion that suits your skills, or a transition into the next phase of your life. Getting yourself onto the doorstep of higher education can be daunting—but you don’t need to go at […]

Not Another Cheese Board: A Study Cheese Boards As Self

Millennial currency isn’t based on cold hard cash anymore—it’s based on how cool you can make your cheese plate. Hear me out. Recently, I was told about the three rules of having the perfect cheese board, the ultimate guide to hosting friends for an intimate lactose soiree. The perfect cheese board casts you into a […]

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