Time To Work On Your Breathing: Rogue Habits + Friends Are Hosting a Breathwork Class

If one of your 2019 goals was to get more in tune with your body—we may have an suitable answer.

Rogue Habits and their robust community are hosting a Breathwork class that will guide you through the motions of your spiritual and physical being. Sounds trippy? You may be right but we’re here to give anything a shot. Led by ON OUR MOON’s founder Alexandra D’amour, the night will be chalk full of breathwork, guided meditation, journaling, and powerful intention-setting. She will teach a two-part conscious and controlled breathing technique intended to reconnect mind, body, and spirit. This transformational breathing meditation has the ability to remove emotional, mental, and physical blockages; reduce anxiety; and increase mental clarity and personal transformation. COUNT US IN. The class will open up with acupuncturist, herbalist and aesthetician, Anna Lee of Mee Ra Rituals leading the group through acupressure exercises to target stress and anxiety relief, as well as ways to nourish the body and calm the heart.




“Through journaling exercises, we will explore how our fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs are affecting our current state, bodies and lives,” says Rogue Habits founder, Jen Woo “Where are you currently feeling stuck? What are you ready to let go of? The guided breathwork meditation will focus on establishing physical renewal and personal clarity. While every breathwork experience is unique, you will generally feel empowered, relaxed and rejuvenated.”

Feel the need to realign your body? You’ll need to check out the rest of what’s going down at the session.

// Doors open at 6:45pm. Please arrive early to check in, enjoy an adaptogenic tea from Goldmine and to get settled! Get your tickets here. Photography courtesy of Rogue Habits.

Time To Work On Your Breathing: Rogue Habits + Friends Are Hosting a Breathwork Class
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