Goldenseed: Cannabis Fit For the Golden State Lifestyle

Let’s discuss weed. And I’m not talking about the pot you found yourself smoking on a college night in some hazy dorm room decorated with cheap tapestries and poorly strung Christmas lights.

I’m talking about real, meticulously cultivated marijuana. It’s not so hard to find nowadays given that the medical marijuana market has provoked an unprecedented rise in retail stores, but it is hard to find a happy medium high that doesn’t make you paranoid as hell. Weed is an increasingly ubiquitous substance, and it’s becoming more appealing to consumers who suffer from hangovers induced by late nights on the town. Even Chelsea Handler, a notorious Vodka lover, has debuted a new line of weed created specifically for women. “I really just needed to take it down a notch, to be still,” she noted in a recent interview. Don’t we all?

The challenge of getting high while balancing one’s day-to-day obligations has always been a difficult task. It’s just too easy to get too high, and that’s not what you want to take away from the experience. Enter: Goldenseed, a cannabis and hemp brand oriented specifically for the California lifestyle. Goldenseed delivers pure cannabis in the form of proprietary seed strains, smokable blends, and oil and terpene extractions to a diverse clientele. Whether it be artists, innovators, techies, or even the local surfer, they remain dedicated to the culture of California. Their cannabis is naturally grown in Santa Cruz with a commitment to the environment, the community, and “to producing clean cannabis.” What could get more Californian than that? 

“Our focus will always be responsible to sustainable growing and harvesting, starting with how we tend our farm’s soil to create the best possible product that is shaped in nature, not a warehouse,” notes CEO, Scott Goldie. “Research is essential to quality in the cannabis industry, so we’re fortunate to work with experts and innovators who guide the future of our products and the industry as a whole.”  

Research is essential to quality in the cannabis industry, so we’re fortunate to work with experts and innovators who guide the future of our products and the industry as a whole.

This is a company that is taking cannabis to a different level — they cater any given lifestyle to open the eyes of what marijuana can do for you. How do they plan on doing this? They’re backed by science and sustainability. “We never use synthetics of any kind, whether as soil inputs, fertilizer, or weed or pest control,” says COO and Lead Cultivator, J.R. Richardson. “We are creating the hardiest, most productive, and best tasting and smelling plants possible.” Richardson himself has made a name for himself in Humboldt County and the cannabis community in general due to his passion for organic practices and developing unique, proprietary plant genetics related to CBD and THC varietals. 

What’s even better, and slightly unsettling? Goldenseed has built a worm farm onsite in Santa Cruz with over 16,000 pounds of red wiggler worms that create living soil rich in microbial and fungal life. This ensures that the cannabis plant is both healthy and optimized for consumer satisfaction. Instead of only planting what’s available and popular, Goldenseed constantly conducts pheno hunts, which are the cross-breeding and back-breeding of dozens of genetic strains to grow plants that resist disease, grow at the optimal speed and yield the most. This process provides Californians with weed that looks, smells and tastes better.  

I’ve been hooked on Goldenseed ever since trying out their fragrant prerolls which came in the strains Sunset Sherbert, Strawberry Banana, and Black Jack because how could I not? They won the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Preroll in May 2019, and God himself would have to stop me from trying. Have you been reluctant to pick up a joint ever since that one night where you accidentally ate two party-sized bags of Doritos? Now’s the time to take a chance on obtaining that happy high. So go test it out for yourself! 

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Goldenseed: Cannabis Fit For the Golden State Lifestyle
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