November Editor’s Letter: Goodbye, Farewell

Is there a new and interesting way to say goodbye?

I’ve been mulling this over for a few weeks now, knowing that I would need to step up to the plate and say it: that resonating, final goodbye. Looking through my past Editor’s Letters to you fine folk, I noticed I’ve written about goodbyes—in some capacity—quite a bit. When we said goodbye to summer, I wrote a eulogy. When we said goodbye to Game of Thrones (truly tragic), I wrote about endings. When I bid my first apartment farewell,  I wrote about moving. This is different; this is harder. I’m saying farewell to you

I started my time at Bob Cut Mag as an intern, fresh out of college. A Bay Area native who, as it turned out, did not know much about the Bay Area—at least anything worth writing. I learned quickly, you helped me. Before long I could round up a good brunch spot (or twenty) and direct you to the best bookstores, pass on my bar crawl experience, and guide you through the season’s latest art exhibitions—from SFMOMA to the Legion, and all those wonderful scrappy galleries in between. 

I learned about the city writing for Bob Cut Mag. I learned about what our readers care about. Hell, I learned what I care about. I was indulged with the kindest hospitality, rooms I had little reason to be in, eating and drinking at tables filled with San Franciscans and world citizens alike, all of whom taught me irrevocable life lessons. Lessons about art, about style, about city, society, culture, about life. The greatest subject of all: life.

My varying positions serving this platform humbled and amazed me, allowing me to experience the snappy, important life of a journalist when in fact I was just a local who cared about my fellow locals enough to scream their stories from the rooftops, from our Facebook page, Instagram page, and biyearly print edition, in equal measure. 

This editor’s letter is for you. The friendships forged, the writers that let me bring their stories to this table. The photographers that were never surprised or offended when I begged to feature their content in our volumes.  I’m honored to share in the great story of San Francisco, and I’m tremendously thankful to have spent my early twenties as apart of this team. Here’s to you. Here’s to them. Here’s to what’s coming next. 

My three favorite experiences, below:

Outstanding in the Field -

Outstanding in the Field

George McCalman -
unnamed (1).jpg

George McCalman

Klimt and Rodin at the Legion of Honor -

Klimt and Rodin at the Legion of Honor

// Photography by Vitaly Taranov

November Editor’s Letter: Goodbye, Farewell
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