3 SF Bites That Will Effectively Fight Your Hangover Post NYE

Let’s face it—hangovers make food feel, taste, and settle much better.

And for those struggling to find their remedies—we here at Bob Cut want to give you a few simple starters. But hey, if you wanted us to make another guide like this, we’re all ears. But for now, go and find our choices and as always, make good choices.


Souvla’s Greek Yoghurt w/ Baklava Crumbles + Honey Syrup

If there is a will to get out of bed, it better be for this delicious treat by Souvla. One could describe a light whipped yoghurt that melts in your mouth and doesn’t leave a milk like after taste. The honey syrup mixed with the Baklava crumbles are just tangy enough to balance the sweet of the yoghurt. Plus, Greek yogurt served in the classic “NY Cup?” We’re in. // Multiple Locations, souvla.com


Patxi’s Pizza Deep Dish Pizza

And for those who want to live their NYC headaches (with full stomaches)—A Patxi’s pizza is a must. Founded in Palo Alto in 2004, the Patxi team now expands to most of the west coast, including Colorado and Washington. For those wondering what to try, their Spinach Pesto is a tried and true recipe. Here’s why: Dig into fresh spinach, basil-garlic-Parmesan pesto, homemade tomato sauce, and a golden maple crust. We’ll take several. // Multiple Locations, patxispizza.com


Pho 2000’s Pho

As one community member informed us, “This pho is pho-king delicious.” Agreed statement is agreed and to any alcohol connoisseur, pho is the cure-all for any hangover dilemma. And what you should look for is fresh ingredients, authentic broth, and succulent rare beef slices. Pho 2000 has all of these qualities. So, what are you waiting for? It’s all good pho. // 637 Larkin St, Little Saigon

// Illustrations by Anthony Rogers

3 SF Bites That Will Effectively Fight Your Hangover Post NYE
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