Sweat SF: One Editor’s Road To Looking Good And Feeling Even Better

Starting a new class, gym, or membership is quite frankly, daunting. The process of signing up, signing your life away, and other ridiculous terms, classes, and schedules completely turn us off. Enter Studiomix: a gym all it’s own. Sporting a vibrant atmosphere and rotating classes — we welcomed the sweat we signed up for.

Think about it, mixing it up. Simple no? For us, it was a matter of deciding what was best for us on certain days. Most gyms enforce strict guidelines when attending a class — there isn’t much leg room to make your own decisions. Some days we wanna focus on high intensity Zumba and on other days, we’d rather find our zen with some Yin Yoga. 

When researching a space for us to get in touch with our inner trainer, a striking brick wall and large open windows drew us in. Studiomix (1000 Van Ness Ave) is probably ahead of it’s time. The “mix” approach enables you to take different types of classes each week. No two days have the same schedule on the weekly calendar! We were shocked, the thought of getting to switch up how we approached fitness lead us down the rabbit hole.




No stranger to lighthearted workouts, Studiomix is rich with color, design, and a ton of young and fitness-focused folk. We didn’t know where to start. Getting back into the workout groove took a minute — we saw past the elliptical, past the squat rack, and came upon a tribe of fun loving people who put their health in front of their ego. The mood had been clearly set for us.

“Mixing” up your workout allows you to push your body to do new things, so repetition is debunked. Your muscles will feel the challenge of embracing different types of workouts each day.”

We had set ourselves up for a class a day, making sure we were up to snuff with our fitness goals. The classes we thought we liked turned out to be more classes we came to enjoy, don’t be scared to try a new class — it’s welcomed! Trainers are open to newbies / veterans on every level. No weird stigma’s period. Only positive vibes allowed, from one young person to the next.

Studiomix founder, Mystie Webster, makes sure that her guests are getting the 5 star experience every time. Her gym takes a creative approach with a cool, city like warehouse design. Raw brick, large windows, and customized lighting inhabits the space. Upbeat, fun music bumps through the speakers in the lobby and locker rooms. When you’re inside the flow of the gym, you really start to feel like you haven’t even left the city. All the best ideas, colors, and sounds really bring you into this hyper-localized arena where your best can definitely be met.

Not only does the gym want you to enjoy your workouts, but enjoy hanging out and being there too. They believe that the gym should be “a place where you want to hang out as well.” Their GreenSurge Cafe offers salads, smoothies, and juices — for those trying to keep on their nutritional schedule. We suggest getting a Gin’n’Choy for a kick in the pants green juice.

// Studiomix, 1000 Van Ness Ave, Civic Center, studiomix.com—Readers who are based in San Francisco get their first class free and don’t forget to mention Bob Cut when you go! Photography by Ashley Tarr, styled by Danielle Wallis, assisted by Teresa Tran.

Sweat SF: One Editor’s Road To Looking Good And Feeling Even Better

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