Every Outfit For The Valentine’s Day Dating Apps You’re Most Likely Using

It’s that time of year again—where love birds fall madly in love and where we try to look our best for our partners. And like most of us, we’re using apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, or OkCupid to find our love bird. 

For this Valentine’s Day, dressing in style shouldn’t break the bank in order to make a great first impression. When thinking about what style or items you’d want to wear for your first, third, or 10th date—we initially thought, who would be on these apps? What styles do they exude? So we put together a list of these four apps and who are the style inspirations for each. Now when you see couples on a date, you’ll know exactly what app they met on.

With the help of the Goodwill of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin Counties, finding garments that a.) won’t break the bank while b.) breathes new life into perfectly good pieces will keep your V-Day exciting on all fronts. Get swiping, gang.

ASR00592 copy.jpgASR00592 copy.jpg


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The most popular dating app on the market, this platform hosts the best version of yourself. From head to toe, the look is fully thought out and brings the wow factor the minute you walk in the door. And much like swiping right or left, your first impression has got to bring the wow factor to click through to get to know you more. Again, all the first impression so go out and knock’em dead. // Jumpsuit: Who What Wear, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Bag: A New Day, discovered at the Goodwill on Fillmore St.

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ASR00695 copy.jpgASR00695 copy.jpg


Much like it’s Tinder counterpart, Hinge is all about first impressions but when you click through—you start to realize that the person is like an onion of interests and facades. From head-to-toe, you have interests that extend way beyond your physical appearance. You’re fun-loving, energetic, and your fashion sense speaks to the layers you present. Dates should be lucky to be in your presence, queen. // Turtle Neck: Sarah Andrews Designs, Skirt: Unknown Brand, Tights: Models Own, Shoes: A New Day, discovered at the Goodwill on Fillmore St. and Haight St.


ASR00491 copy.jpgASR00491 copy.jpg



An app that is as thorough as you—the depth of your wants, dreams, and ambitions can be displayed for the entire world to see. Along with the 500 questionnaire, you’re methodical and intentional about every answer. Much like your fashion sense, each detail is methodically chosen and compliments the Mona Lisa that is you. You walk with know how and certainty so walk head first into that date. // Bodysuit: H&M, Skirt: Roman Holiday, Bag: Ann Verlis, Shoes: Zara, discovered at the Goodwill on Fillmore St.

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ASR00830 copy.jpgASR00830 copy.jpg


Though also used for dating, Bumble’s humble roots began as connecting potential new friends together and today, it still does. Wear something that’s uber comfortable as you head out the door to go meet a new friend for coffee. Common interests like wine tasting, thrifting, and volunteering at a local shelter bond people and being able to be comfortable whilst discussing your favorite topic is a day well spent. Again, comfort is key if we haven’t stressed that enough. // Dress: G. Label, Sweater: Mimi’s Petite, Tights: Model’s Own, Shoes: A New Day, discovered at the Goodwill on Fillmore St. and Haight St.

// Visit sfgoodwill.org to find a store or shop online. Photographed by Anthony Rogers, styled by Gordan Deng, modeled by Zell Fae.

Every Outfit For The Valentine’s Day Dating Apps You’re Most Likely Using
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