We Have To Talk About Some Of SF’s Coolest Bathrooms

Who knew the shitter was so chic?

And like many of San Francisco’s interior designed beauties, you’d have to imagine that their bathrooms are equally as gorgeous. Perfect for selfies, moments of deep concentration, or just a room to get out of the craziness of our everyday lives. We tip our hats off to these washrooms.

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Media Noche

Andy Warhol would definitely take a dump in this pop art themed restroom. Banana pop-art makes for fabulous selfies (a la above) and tags are optional. Though if you aren’t at Media Noche just to wash your hands, why not dig into their menu of four sandwiches, four bowls, two salads, and some snacks—all within the fast casual state of mind. // 3465 19th St, Mission, medianochesf.com


Local Cafe

Serving up only the most healthy and hearty avocado toasts, acai bowls, and kombucha that your stomach will thank you for—their washroom is a junglista’s heaven. This is the washroom perfect for selfies. But the cafe overall has each item on the menu carefully selected and shared with the belief that less is more, and transparency in ingredients is critical to leading a healthy life. Local’s menu is high in antioxidants, calcium, iron, B vitamins, protein, fiber, and omega-3s. // 33 Kearny Street, FiDi, localcafesf.com

20 Spot

Have you ever wanted to feel that home away from home vibe in your washroom? 20 Spot that curates some of the best organic wine and hard-to-find vinyls, also curates a serious vibe within their john. Surrounded by the perks of home, while you’re making yourself cozy, browse the selection of curated potty vinyls that deserve to be read. // 3565 20th St., Mission, 20spot.com

Moongate Lounge

We scream for deco chic and much like it’s inspired main foyer, Moongate Lounge’s bathroom is also an enhanced level of chic. Whether you’re ordering a seasonal cocktail like the Minor Snow, a take on shaved ice mezcal, or the Eye-Oh, a lit-on-fire situation—your time on the moon will feel like a fever dream and man, is it so worth it. // 28 Waverly Place, Chinatown, moongatelounge.com

Mazarine Cafe

Literary buffs, this bathroom is all yours. With major works of literary genius lining the walls, we’ll just say we’re taking the piss. We have definitely spotted books from our high school days strung about the walls and PTSD for sans fake. But hey, after you’ve done your light reading in their bathroom, you’ve got to indulge in their sandwich menu. It’s a bit pricey, we get it, but if we’re drooling after scarfing down our lunch, that sandwich did something right. // 720 Market St, Market, mazarinecoffee.com


No, your eyes do not deceive you. You are not seeing red (but if you’re color blind, you’re probably seeing gray.) With the SFMOMA’s re-build over the past four years, not only did the art translate from the main galleries, it was fused to the five story bathrooms throughout the new build out. Plus bonus tip, every floor’s bathroom is a different color so if you fancy a certain hue, makin’ a number two won’t be too difficult. // 151 3rd St, SoMa, sfmoma.org

// Have a john we should add to this list? Send us your photo and where/what it is and we will add it to this story! Photography courtesy of the businesses of Instagram users.

We Have To Talk About Some Of SF’s Coolest Bathrooms
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